Google Play Edition Moto G Receiving 5.1 Update


If you’re currently using a Motorola Moto G Google Play Edition, you’re in for some sweet Lollipop delight. The 5.1 update is now rolling out, so if you haven’t gotten it yet, get started spamming the “check for updates” button. If you’re too impatient to even wait for your OTA update, try downloading from here: download. You may have to clear up some space, since the update is all of 171 MB.

The update is virtually the same as the one that has already been sent out to the Nexus devices, so if you also own a Nexus or know someone who does, the new software should be similar. Based on previous update patterns, we can expect the rest of the GPE devices to be receiving the 5.1 update fairly soon.

Source: Android Police