Humble PC & Android Bundle 12 expands to ten games


The latest Humble Bundle fundraiser covers games on both PC and Android. Today, three games were added to the mix. Donating more than the average will now include Eufloria HDSolar Flux, and Toast Time. This round of Humble Bundle benefits the Electronic Frontier Foundation, American Red Cross, and developers. A tip can also be left for those who run the fundraiser.

Hit the break for a rundown of the games available.

Donate any amount:

  • Tetrobot and Co.
  • Titan Attacks!
  • The Inner World
  • vvvvv

Donate more than the average:

  • Costume Quest
  • Ironclad Tactics
  • Eufloria HD
  • Solar Flux
  • Toast Time

Donate $10 or more:

  • Shadowrun Returns

Source: Humble Bundle