Contest: Win a Spigen Capsule Solid case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 from Talk Android! [updated with winner]


The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be one of the hottest devices on the market when it launches around the world next month. Millions of consumers will rush to purchase the device that takes Samsung in a new direction. The Galaxy S6 features a metal and glass body, two materials that just scream high-end. With that high-end look, however, comes concerns with how durable the device is. That is why protecting the Galaxy S6 will be important for many consumers.

Among the various cases that are capable of protecting the Galaxy S6 is the Spigen Capsule Solid. The accessory maker, which is known for its stylish and quality products, designed the Capsule Solid with simplicity and functionality in mind. Spigen notes that the minimalistic look is met with a gold kickstand for stylish functionality. The primary material used is a flexible, shock-absorbing TPU. There is also a slightly raised lip so the display will not sit on a surface and risk scratching. Nothing about this case is bulky and it looks great keeping things simple.

We want to make sure that your Galaxy S6 is protected, too, and that is why we are giving away the Spigen Capsule Solid case. The exact case we are giving away comes in black (pictured above) and usually retails for $14.99. Just last week, we gave away a similar Spigen case.

Here’s how the contest works:

  1. Leave a comment below telling us what you feel is the most important specification a smartphone has. Make sure your account is using a valid email address since that is how we will contact you.
  2. Comments can be posted until Sunday, March 22, at 11:59PM EST
  3. On Monday, March 23, we will select a winner at random and contact them
  4. Another winner will be selected if we do not hear from the initial winner within the first day or two

We will update this post once a winner has been selected, so check here often on March 23. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congratulations Steve-D! I have sent you an email with instructions to receive the case. Please respond as soon as possible or else we will have to select another winner.

[Capsule Solid for Galaxy S6 – Spigen]

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  • Amy Barnicoat

    The CPU would have to be the most important cause if its slow or faulty then I think it would be hard to fix for them, well not sure if it is even fixable. or it would have to be the network cause if it doesn’t work for your country then …you cant use the phones network so your screwed .

  • Laurence

    Think it can change. Used to be screen, ram, processor but things shift. I think now the focus is battery life.

  • Steve-D

    1. Battery Life,
    2. Removable/Replaceable battery (because a good phone shouild be able to outlive its battery) and
    3. Removable (microsd) storage

  • sheikh Munir

    I think change world for S6 galaxy s6 is world best featur phone
    i already use galaxy core 2 & galaxy s3 samsung beit all smart phone companys

  • Felipe Luongo

    Wireless frequencies


    To make high protection and stylish

  • Wakka Wakka

    After using a Samsung Nexus for the last 3 years, I’d say battery.

  • brrndan


  • Aubrey Quatre

    i’ll say its the screen and the new exynos processor and 64 bit :-)

  • Hk Singh

    that beauty of a screen and that beast of a processor…definitely the s6!!!!

  • Michael Chan


  • Thomas Hobbs

    Battery is the most important, no point in having a device that can do everything if it cant last more than 6 hours doing it

  • BuElyas

    For me, the camera is what makes the difference between smartphones nowadays!

  • Carmen Laura

    The battery.

  • Nev

    For me,

    • Wendy parsons

      hi reading your blog
      Please could you email the details on your above text
      Thanks you