Here’s an even better look at the Xperia Z4


Yesterday we got our first look at the Sony Xperia Z4, but the device was only partially visible. Today the full image has been released leaving nothing to the imagination. Nothing surprising here, and as we said yesterday, it looks very similar to a Z3.

Is anyone excited for this phone?

source: @OnLeaks

  • Dave Watts

    To start off, it looks like the charger is on the bottom (I like the Z3 on side), and they didn’t seem to embrace the Type-C format, which Sony should get on. IMO

    • Outspoken

      Are you sure the left side looks a lot like a type-c they are known for putting many different ways to charge the phone

      • Dave Watts

        Not sure- you may be right. In that case, very cool and maybe worth the upgrade.

  • DDroid45

    Will it come to carriers