Nova Launcher Beta Launched

Nova’s updated launcher released its second Beta today, incorporating neat features from Lollipop, and inventing some new ones on its own. Some of the updates include full Material Design, which makes all animations, screens, and icons mesh better with the Material Style of Lollipop, new icon settings, unlimited pages, and better folder editing.

Nova has always been a popular launcher, and many people, including me, have used it for quite a while, however, if you are using it on an older device running Android ICS 4.0, your device will no longer be supported after this update.

Since it is only a Beta, you will have to download the apk online, but if you you decide to do so, be sure to contact the development team if you discover any bugs to help make this launcher the well-polished, final product we’ve come to love and respect.

Download Link:

Source: Google+