Contest: Win a Spigen Capsule Ultra Rugged case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 from Talk Android! [updated with winner]


The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be one of the hottest devices on the market when it launches around the world next month. Millions of consumers will rush to purchase the device that takes Samsung in a new direction. The Galaxy S6 features a metal and glass body, two materials that just scream high-end. With that high-end look, however, comes concerns with how durable the device is. That is why protecting the Galaxy S6 will be important for many consumers.

Among the various cases that are capable of protecting the Galaxy S6 is the Spigen Capsule Ultra Rugged. The accessory maker, which is known for its stylish and quality products, designed the Capsule Ultra Rugged case with a few different materials. It has glossy accents and carbon fiber textures. The entire case is a flexible TPU and covers the power and volume buttons. There is also a slightly raised lip so the display will not sit on a surface and risk scratching. In all, this case feels and looks great.

We want to make sure that your Galaxy S6 is protected, too, and that is why we are giving away the Spigen Capsule Ultra Rugged case. The exact case we are giving away comes in black (pictured above) and usually retails for $14.99.

Here’s how the contest works:

  1. Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite Android device of all-time is. Make sure your account is using a valid email address since that is how we will contact you.
  2. Comments can be posted until Sunday, March 15, at 11:59PM EST
  3. On Monday, March 16, we will select a winner at random and contact them
  4. Another winner will be selected if we do not hear from the initial winner within the first day or two

We will update this post once a winner has been selected, so check here often on March 16. Good luck!

UPDATE: The entry period has closed and the winner will be announced by 3:00PM EST on March 16.

UPDATE 2: Congratulations Glennie Howard! I have sent you an email with instructions to receive the case. Please respond as soon as possible or else we will have to select another winner.

[Capsule Ultra Rugged for Galaxy S6 – Spigen]

About the Author: Justin Herrick

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  • Austin Amoruso

    Oneplus One

  • Vinod Kumar

    Oneplus One & Nexus 5

  • Paa Kwesi Mensah

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  • Ian

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus GT-I9250

  • fourex

    While I like my S5, I am anxiously awaiting and an S6.

  • Mike Harrison

    one of my most memorable phones was was back in the day , the Nokia 3595 , when I first discovered modding , installing the flashing led flexable curcit board to have the keypads flash all crazy colors when a call came in.

  • Mike Harrison

    edit * favorite android device is the galaxy infuse 4g as this was the first device that introduced me to xda and roms !

  • brrndan

    HTC G1

  • Paul

    Nexus 5

  • Ian Scott

    S5 currently but will be S6 when its released :)

  • rudy arenas

    Galaxy S2 T-Mobile version, still using it.

  • Cosmin

    Stil using Galaxy S2? Good, best phone ever in my opinion!

  • Hk Singh

    Galaxy s2..the most awesome phone ever created now looking too buy an S6..hehe

  • Gavin Pinnock

    Galaxy S3 neo. My S3 was stolen so I got the neo. Absolutly love the thing, it does everything I need, I watch films too so would love a bigger screen. Want an S6 but won’t be able to afford that. I’m pay as you go lol

  • hardik kamothi

    nexus 5 is the best Android Device ever. Professional look with excellent features and amazing device.

  • Mikey Monteiro

    well my fav android device that ive HAD is the s4 but my favorite are the note series havent had one yet but i love them and will be getting the s6!

  • Glennie Howard

    Samsung makes great products. I’ve had several products made by Samsung and I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S4. I went with Samsung after having a Blackberry (and my contract was up). From reading all the specs, it looks as though the Galaxy S6 might be my favorite product.

  • Carmen Laura

    Moto G 2nd Generation

  • Phillw

    Samsung S5… They keep getting better and better.

  • techielauncher

    SONY EXPERIA …… Where Your Search Ends ….. I Like IT So much