Fossil concept watch displays info from your Android device in style

Looking for some style to go along with your geek tendencies? Looks like Fossil has your answer. The company has done what they do best, and come up with a new concept watch that will communicate directly with multiple mobile devices, to include Android, and looks pretty darn good doing it.

The watch connects via Bluetooth, and displays information such as weather, caller ID info, text messages, and more. While there’s no cost availale yet as it’s still a concept, rumors have been circling of about $200. Be sure to hit let us know what you think in the comments!

[via engadget]

  • I think that they would have been more successful if they had targeted this watch for women rather than tech geeks. How about something a bit more fashionable so that I can buy one for my girlfriend? She would love it but would never wear that model.

  • 7.woo. your blog is greater than all i see, and the style is best , i like it , i will be your fans. hope you update every day thanks