HTC EVO 4G update 3.70.651.1 brings Swype, Scan Now

Some Evo users will be happy to know that a maintence update is being pushed out today. The update, version 3.70.651.1, brings to the front many additions and upgrades. Some of the additions are amazing and others which will probably annoy you after a while. A special reminder is that this is NOT the highly anticipated Gingerbread update.

One of the most notable additions is the ability to use Swype since before this update reliance was on a beta version or pirated softkey board application.  Another addition is the Scan Now widget for 4G which does exactly what it says and scans for 4G availability. This update also brings many more like a preloaded try before you buy version of NOVA from Gameloft and Kindle eReader.

If you’re interested in manually installing this update for yourself, you can find out how to do that here.

[via ZoNowsGaming]

  • LinuxCrushNM

    I wish sites would stop reporting this as an update for all Evo 4G phones. It is not.

    It is well known on forums and the web now that this is an update for Hardware Version 4 ONLY, and older Evo phones (Version 2 and 3) will NOT be getting the update.

    This has been confirmed by SEVERAL Sprint techs who are very close to the phone. One of whom has said that the phones with the older camera boards (before Hardware Version 4) will no longer be supported in future updates.

    This also means that if there is a Gingerbread update, only Hardware Version 4 will be getting it.

    Sorry folks, but this is the way it goes.

  • Jimmy

    Then why did my Evo with Hardware version 0002 get this update today, huh ?

    I am not buying your information, LinuxCrushNM. Gingerbread will come either to all Evo’s or none of them. My money is on ALL Evos !!

  • Dave

    I wish people would refrain from making bold statements about technical matters they know nothing about. The assertions about hardware 003 are totally false. How do I know? Because I have 003 and just had it pushed to my phone in denver. In fact I typed this reply using the swype that came with the update.

  • Avesta


    I wish people would stop spreading rumors that it’s not for all Evo 4G phones, because it is.

    I bought my Evo phone the first day it came out, so I have the older model and I just did a check and update 3.70.651.1 IS available for me.

    Your Sprint tech sources are obviously wrong. I know I’m right because I have a “A system update is available: system upgrade 3.70.651.1” pop-up sitting on my phone right now.

  • evo4G

    I have version 2 and I recieved it

  • putch

    Wrong. I’m on 0002 and I just got this update.

  • Jesse

    I have Hardware version 0002 on my Evo and I received the update today, might wanna check those sources again mate. I updated to 3.70.651.1 with no problem and it came as an OTA update.

  • Dre

    WRONG LinuxCrushNM!

    I have a EVO with hardware version 0003 and just received the update.


  • sig502

    I have a version 3 Evo phone and the update installed over the air without any problems. I don’t know where you received that information, but it is wrong.

  • Jason

    Youre dumb dude, and wrong.

  • Danny

    I am not sure what Sprint Techs you have been speaking with but I am one myself. I also happen to be the owner of a version 3 EVO. I just received the update pushed from Sprint and it works fine. Please don’t talk ahead of time or out of turn without bringing solid facts to the table.


  • Danny

    And may I add that any time I have worked on an EVO that would not apply updates, it had something to do with the security being turned off and/or non-oem rom being used. Why, do you think, would Sprint release a phone in 3 different versions in which there was no software updates that support the older model? Your logic is wacked. While the older 2 and 3 hardware versions may have required a different workaround than the version 4 for the camera, all versions were fully functional. Weirdo!!!

  • Matt

    Bull.. My Evo is version 3 and I just downloaded the update… Why would they make a certain version of a phone and exclude it out of updates.. Do you know how many people would be pissed off? How much business they could potentially lose? Common sense..

  • HTC evo user

    I am sorry to disappoint you, but I have Hardware Version 3 and I got the update earlier today. So you are not correct whatsoever. The version that Version 2 and 3 does not get is 3.30.651.3. So if I were you, I would verify things like this before you make yourself look like a fool on the internet.

  • Andrew

    wow, how can you be so sure AND so wrong at the same time… version 3, updated this afternoon… idiot.

  • digDog

    Fortunately for 0002/0003 owners, you’re an idiot. Update was for 0002-0004. Already seen 0003 phones updated. Sorry LinuxCrushNM, but this is the way it goes.

  • digDog

    Also I’m not seeing a 4G widget for Scan now, but if you go into 4G Settings, it gives you the option to scan for 4G also puts something in the notification area allowing you to search for 4G by taping the notification… which seems to allow you to keep 4G on all the time without killing the battery.. best feature I’ve seen yet.

  • barry

    I have hardware version 2 (got my EVO day 1) and just downloaded the update. Looks like you got bad info. You can manually update by going to settings-updates-and do the HTC software update.

  • ThreeTima


    Seriously, man? I think you need to check where you get your info. I have Version 3 and just got the update pushed to my phone….

    Secondly, you might want to check your sources. I just got off the phone with Sprint Tech support and they said they had no intention of ceasing update support. With as many sets as they have sold (all Hardware Versions) that would be financial suicide for them. Many Evo customers would revolt, some leave, some request/demand new phones.. all on sprints dime.. they wouldn’t want this… you are obviously misinformed.

  • EvoLution

    LinuxCrushNM, i beg to differ.
    i own hardware version 003 & 004. Both my devices received the maintenance update. 004 actually received it later in the evening than the 003.

  • Michael M.

    @LinuxCrushNM : I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but I have an HTC EVO 4G hardware version 2, and I just downloaded the new update. I have had every update that has come out on or the day before it was released. So please stop with putting out false info.

  • Brittany

    Not true. I bought my phone the first day it came out. Version 2. Update is fully functional.

  • FifthE1ement

    LinuxCrushNM, stop your crazy ramblings about only newer versions of the EVO being supported as this IS A LIE! I have a version 3 and my friend has a 2 and both have gotten this most recent update. Wow, blows your theory right out of the water doesn’t it!? A company who supported only new models would be either broke or already out of business. Find some brains!

  • Toast

    I have hardware version 3 and got the update…soooo yeah

  • tracy

    Whoever said version 2wouldnt get the update should shut up cuz I have it….experts don’t know what they are talking about

  • Nuna

    How do you activate or work the Swype on the HTC Evo? I got all the updates that come with it except for the Swype. I’ve got version 2.2

  • kelly


    I could not find it either. Then I went into menu/settings/language & keyboard/swype settings then chose the TUTORIAL …. that got it to turn it on and show how to use it!

    Hope that helps! :)

  • Elliot L

    @nuna, just long press on a text input area, and then select “input method” from the popup menu and then choose Swype

  • Steve

    wrong buddy just started to installed the update, and I have a pre retail Google I/O EVO that has the light leak issue around the screen. So I admire your confidence, but your sources are fake. I am looking at the circle of arrows around the arrow pointing down as I type.

  • Steve

    according to your logic linux. I should have been one of the first NOT to receive the update.

  • Rob

    Anyone end up with a dead/bricked EVO after this update? I received the pop-up advising update availability; downloaded over Wi-Fi without incident and successfully installed. Saw a brief EXCHANGE server error (I connect to work e-mail via the HTC Mail app); left EVO charging (USB connected to iMac), several hours later… DEAD. No signs of life. Left charging (power outlet) overnight and still DEAD. Tried two different USB cables to no avail. Headed to Sprint repair center shortly. I need a working smartphone; I have EVERYTHING on this phone. Having Angry Birds withdrawal symptoms too. LOL.

  • I just installed the update 3.70.651.1 on my version 3 EVO. I find the 4G notification annoying. I always had 4G before and I didn’t have to do a thing. Now I’ve got that stupid notification in the upper left corner of the screen and have a notification area: 4G Antenna is On – Tap to scan for 4G service. I don’t want to TAP for anything. I just want it on. Are there any solutions to this idiocy that I can use – that I perhaps haven’t found yet??

  • MakeThisAForum

    LMAO at flaming LinuxCrushNM… tho well deserved!;)

    Dam that sucks man, hope you get it fixed soon or a replacement. I don’t know what I would do without Angry Birds!

    Im not going to do this update just because I have both swype and slideit on my phone and I like SlideIT better. No, it does not look as good, but I dont care how my keyboard looks, I care about accuracy and slideit is always on, swype not quite as much. I understand this is an official version of Swype, but I just feel slideit has more data and time built into it.
    I will say that the 4G widget sounds pretty cool tho, I would love one of those.

  • Steven

    How do i turn off swype now if i dont want to use it..Some one help please??

  • Carl

    Anyone else having poor battery life after this update?

  • Joann Prinzivalli

    To be charitable to LinuxCrushNM, there *was* an EVO update that was only for the latest build, but that was for a hardware issue peculiar to thet build. The latest update also appears to possibly have had more than one version, which may explain the phased rollout. When I OTAed the upgrade, the App market stopped working. But a reboot of the phone, and the new MArket app showed up in all its glory. At first I didn’t figure out how to toggle Swype on and off – you press and hold on a text input window, and a popup offers the choices. I also note for those who had the beta installed, I have heard that there could be problems with the OTA unless the beta and installer for Swype was removed before running the OTA.

  • Michael Reed

    I’m having terrible battery life after this update. I’m not even getting 6 hours with the phone just sitting on my desk. I was getting about 10-12 hours prior to this update. Is there a way to go back?

  • Phil

    @ Rob

    I’m in the same boat as you. I got the notification yesterday and did the update over wifi… Now my phone won’t f’ing turn on. I’ve tried charging it via USB connected to my pc & using the AC adapter. I’ve also tried my friend’s fully charged battery. NO LUCK!

  • rigo

    wrooong!!!… i just got my new upgrade from sprint server..

  • Randy

    My battery life has gone down my half. How do I revert back?

  • Greg

    I did the update on my Evo and now the notification bar does NOT slide down anymore. I can open it by going to MENU/NOTIFICATIONS, but i cannot slide it down anymore. I went to Sprint store and the tech. wiped the phone thinking this would fix the problem, but to no avail!!! Anyone having the same issue?

  • Brittany

    I installed the update on my version 0003 EVO. and i see the swype settings under Language & Keyboard. However I cannot actually use it in my Keyboard functional applications….HELP!!!! What am i doing wrong?

  • Stinkpinkerton

    Streaming isnt working in alot of apps for me since the update. Is anybody else experiencing anything like that?

  • Hj

    Someone please help how do I turn off swype after update?

  • DDJ

    EVO V003, just got update today.

    I wish misinformed people (LinuxCrushNM) would stop spreading misinformation (LinuxCrushNM).

  • Tom

    To choose Swype as your keyboard, press and hold on an input area. You will get a pop up. Choose input method and select Swype. Swype will be your default keyboard unless you change it via the same method. Note, on some input fields, like the browser URL field, you may have to tap it and get the regular keyboard. Then press and hold the input field.

  • Tom

    Forgot to mention, this will be your default keyboard for all apps, so you only have to do it once.

  • brenda terry

    i had the swype beta on my evo after i did the upgrade last night now it doesnt work keeps telling me force close.ive uninstalled and reinstalled and when i turn on swype there we go again force close.i really love the swype app,anyone know how i can get it back working on my phone?beta wont work anymore since the upgrade ive searched internet tried so many things and still nothing.someone please help

  • Cabletvguy

    I am also seeing a drastically shorter battery life. And I have the 3500 extended battery! It says that android system is the heavy user. Anyone else?

  • Paul

    I am also having battery issue. What the h3ll HTC? Cant you get this right. The last firmware had a major pain in the rear lag issue with 4g and this one puts the kaibosh on your battery life. Nice going.

  • Charles

    I have V3 hardware..updated today…except for heart attack when Swype beta caused multiple resets, I figured that out and am happily on my way – retraining Swype.

  • cmm67

    If you had Swype beta before the update and it keeps force closing…. everytime the window pops up, force close it but slowly make your way to applications and delete swype and swype installer. Reboot. Then go to messages like you’re sending one with the keyboard open, tap and hold in the text field and select input method. Select Swype. And enjoy!

  • Paul

    This is the last HTC device I’m getting. After the BS with all the battery issues, choppy audio over stereo bluetooth (I’ve never had anything but crystal clear audio on my old Droid, but my EVO and my G1 are both the same choppy crap), actually using the 4G running the processor at 100% (making it run like crap), memory card un-mounting issues, and now this toilet-ware update, with it’s bloatware apps and absurd 4G notifier (I turned the 4G on so it’ll connect. Don’t tell me a signal’s there, just connect, dammit!), I’m done.

    Congrats, HTC, you’ve lost a customer.
    Congrats, Sprint, you’ve added more fuel to the root fire.

  • Amber Shavers

    So. I have hardware version 3 and I also got the update. I believe it is indeed versions 2 thru 4

  • Ree Ree

    I also have hardware version 4 and the update was pushed out on my phone this morning. Thanks.

  • Brian

    Man, I wish that I had researched this update before I clicked on Install without really thinking!

    What was mediocre battery life is now horrible. Also, I had Swype Beta installed and after getting hammered with Force Close messages I uninstalled Swype. Now I have no Swype at all.

    Is there any way to easily revert back to the previous version? I should have left well enough alone.

  • Lee

    Since this update, I have had shorter battery life, problems with wifi staying connected, and the phone lags at times. Before this update, it ran really well. Should not have installed.

  • DaveM

    Same question as Roy, how do I get rid of this new tap to scan 4G bullcr@p? Just connect damnit! I dont want to tell you to do it, just always do it! Streaming HQ video sucks now since if you lose 4G for even a second, you lose it for good until you tap to scan again.
    Pls help! Evo

  • Brandon

    LinuxCrushNM does NOT know what he is talking about, my EVO is hardware version 3 and i got the update.

  • Erin

    Thanks Elliot L! I was wondering how to change to swype also. I was going into the settings and keyboard type, and it wasn’t there.





  • Michelle Ryan

    There have been many comments about how to activate Swype after the update, but it’s not working for me. If I press & hold in a text box, my only option is to paste, if I paste and press & hold again, I get other text edit options (copy, paste, etc), but nothing about Swype. Looked at the tutorial in Language & Keyboards, but my only tutorial is for regular text input, HELP!

  • EVOuser

    I updated my EVO 4G back in December when the last OTA udpate was released. Since then, my battery life went into the toilet. For weeks I tried to find out the culprit. Some threads pointed fingers at the latest Google Maps udpate that added 3D maps, I tried messing with battery management techniques, but I always had a hunch it was something else. Finally, I landed here and discovered all these people having the same battery issues as me. Not sure what I can do now except wait for a new OTA updated that hopefully fixes this; uninstall the last update (not sure if that’s even possible); and maybe lastly, ROOT my phone which I wanted to avoid for awhile, but if this fixes the battery issue + get rid of bloatware in the process it might be in my best interest.

    I’d like to hear from other people in my situation.

  • admanb

    If you haven’t yet installed this update, please avoid it if at all possible. I recently updated to this, against my better judgment after prior issues after other updates, including charging issues, and now I’m back to having battery issues again and being annoyed incessantly by the 4G notifications. Battery issues, most notably, are a lack of charge taking (even overnight), and super-rapid discharge (full battery takes ~1.5 hours to drain with normal use). After a prior update, Sprint replaced my phone and those issues went away — hard reset hadn’t even helped. I’m planning to go get a new one again, but will take more care this time using a backup utility like Sprite Backup, if I can successfully test it with this phone (been dealing with the Sprite developer on issues getting it to work with my Evo, not sure if others have had the same experience), and make sure I don’t lose my Angry Birds progress (almost done with 3 stars on all Seasons levels).

    Some even more real reasons not to install this update, in case you need them after reading about the above-noted battery issues:

    –In addition to the FC issues noted above by others when both the packaged Swype version and the Swype Beta are installed, which I also encountered but fixed, if you already have the latest Swype beta installed (2.15), the version packaged with this update is 2.07. So it’s like taking a huge step backward to prior Swype beta versions, where you can’t really delete words, mystery words are showing up, etc. Not to mention this total lack of Swype dictionary backup/transfer between versions (which is more of a Swype limitation that we should all vote for on their forum if you ask me).

    –The 4G notification is super-annoying. As others have said, just connect to the 4G network, if available. I never had battery issues resulting from the searching for a 4G antenna, and if it drains your battery that much, just keep it off. Anyway, HTC would have done better to allow the user to configure the scan frequency so if we didn’t want frequent scan to save battery, we could do that, or if we want more frequent scanning, we could do that. Huge fail on this “feature”.

    –Other than some updates to visual voicemail, which worked fine before, Sprint TV, which was OK but rarely used on my phone, the Kindle app, which I already had, the latest Telenav, which I don’t use (Google Nav is pretty good these days and in my area, beats the Sprint Nav in terms of best route almost every time), some preloaded demo game that you could likely get from the Market, a Sprint Zone update (does ANYONE use that?!) and a Blockbuster app I’m not likely to use, there are NO useful enhancements in this update. Only a battery killer, a 4G annoyer and a Swype step backwards.


  • EVOuser

    Update to my battery drain issue.
    Over the past couple days I’ve been bump charging my EVO. I admit, I read about this bump charging technique in a few forums and was skeptical. However, with nothing to lose I decided to try it. Before doing this I was getting about 10hrs battery life. The day I did the bump charge, I went 14hrs since last unplugged and the battery was at 61%!! HUGE improvement! Anyway, I suggest anyone who is having short battery life issues to try bump charging their device. Good Luck!

    How to Bump Charge:
    1. Power on your EVO then connect to your Charger and Fully charge until the LED changes Green.

    2. Disconnect your phone from the charger and then power off.

    3. Reconnect your phone to your charger with the power off and wait for the green LED.

    4. Disconnect the phone from the charger and power it on.

    5. Once the phone has fully booted / ready to use power off again.

    6. With the power off connect the phone to the charger and wait for the green LED.

    7. Disconnect from the Charger then power on and use normally.