VLC bringing Chromecast support with next update

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If you’ve ever dabbled in playing movies and TV shows on your computer, you’ve probably used VLC, or at least heard the name a few times. The program (and Android app!) supports nearly any file format or codec you throw at it, and it’s arguably the most cohesive media player available, even if it lacks some of the extra features other players have.

One thing that VLC has not had, though, was Chromecast support. When Google’s cheap streaming device was announced, VLC said they were planning on supporting it, but as of right now that hasn’t actually panned out. But according to some changes in VLC’s source code, version 3.0 looks like it’ll be bringing full Chromecast support so you can happily sling any media around to your televisions.

The biggest thing to look for here is which app or program the casting functionality ends up on first. It would make sense for it to show up in the Android application, but they might opt for desktop casting first. And based on what we’ve seen from other apps, there’s always that chance iOS gets a taste before anyone else. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too much longer to find out.

source: OMG Chrome

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