AT&T introduces new “truly shareable” 7GB Mobile Share Value Plan with rollover data


America’s second largest carrier, AT&T has just announced a new 7GB tier on its Mobile Share Value plan for $75 with rollover data. The plan will be officially available for customers starting Sunday, the 15th of February.

Besides paying $75 for the data, customers can add new additional lines for $15 per month (via AT&T Next). So if you add four new lines along with this data plan, you will have to spend a total of $135 per month.

Bear in mind that these prices do not include the monthly rentals that you have on the device, which will have to be paid separately. Fortunately, Mobile Share Value plans come with unlimited voice and texts, so you won’t have to pay extra for those benefits.

This new tier will be ideal for those who are not looking to spend more than $100 (10GB) on the Mobile Share Value plan.

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Source: AT&T