Chromebook Pixel 2 Spotted?


Hey, remember the Chromebook Pixel? We’re coming up on its second anniversary, and I admit I’ve never seen one in the wild. Being the high-end niche Chromebook that it is, the Pixel isn’t exactly aimed at mainstream consumers, and some might even regard it as a concept device that actually made it to production.

Regardless of how the first edition sold, it appears Google might have a successor in the works, but bear in mind this is a pretty big might, even if the alleged evidence makes a compelling case.

A Google employee recently filed a bug report pertaining to the Samus development board. Samus has been in the works for some time in Mountain View and is rumored to use a 5th-generation Intel Core M Y-series chip.

So why is this relevant? The report was filed with screenshots of what is clearly the current Chromebook Pixel, but the Pixel was built with a “Link” board, so why would we be seeing Samus bug reports on a Chromebook Pixel?

There are numerous possible answers:

  1. The Chromebook Pixel 2 will have the same chassis as the original Pixel and will merely contain updated internals
  2. This is just a dummy shell in order to test the Samus board and the Pixel successor will feature an all-new design
  3. We’re all being toyed with by an enterprising, if misanthropic, Google tester

Personally, I’m leaning on option 2. Aside from the dummy shell making perfect sense for testing purposes, it would be foolish to release a next-gen device and use external hardware that’s already two years old.

Moreover, the bug report mentions HoHo and DingDong, which are USB-C adapter code names for HDMI and DisplayPort, respectively. Considering the current Pixel has two USB 2.0 ports, it wouldn’t make much sense to use the current body and jimmy in a smaller USB-C port as some sort of design afterthought.


With other laptops ramping up pixel density, the Pixel’s original claim to fame is no longer much of a selling point, especially for the hefty price tag (as far as Chromebooks go). The new Dell XPS 13 quickly comes to mind as a powerful machine with solid specs, but only starts at $799.

Did any of you buy a Chromebook Pixel? Was it worth the money or did you pay an unnecessary premium with respect to other devices? What’s your interest in a successor?

Source: OMG! Chrome!

About the Author: Geoff Openshaw

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