Samsung to begin producing and selling authentication chips for Samsung and third-party accessories


The Korean blog, DDaily, is reporting that an insider has given them some information detailing Samsung’s attempt to create an accessory ecosystem not unlike what we see with Apple’s.

These NFC-equipped “authentication chips” will allow Samsung to give both its blessing to particular accessories, as well as allow itself and third-parties to design smarter accessories that exhibit a greater connection to Samsung’s devices. 

Samsung and other sources have indicated that, unlike in the past, these authentication chips will be manufactured and sold by Samsung directly. The hope is that these new lines of accessories will create an ecosystem that advances the appeal of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6.

DDaily’s source said, “The decision to mount authentication chips to accessories aims to differentiate the functions of original products.” They go on to say that consumers will see the first round of authentication chips being used in accessories like flip covers.

Samsung notes that this does not, in any way, prohibit third-parties from manufacturing accessories without the authentication chips; rather, it is merely an additional design element that could be included in those products. Plus it will give consumers the peace of mind in knowing that they are purchasing an accessory that comes with Samsung’s approval.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of accessories debut with these new NFC-equipped authentication chips and what features they could bring to the table. Will Samsung be able to catch up to Apple’s established dominance in the accessory game or will it always be a step behind? Will third-parties look kindly to the authentication chips or will they see this as an additional financial burden before bringing products to the market? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: DDaily

About the Author: Joseph Proffer

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