Google Play Store 5.2 released, paving the way for an update focused on enterprise and vouchers [APK Download]


Google has released the next version of the Play Store, version 5.2, that is mainly about squashing bugs.

There are a few extras included in the APK that does seem to indicate that 5.2 is setting the stage for a much larger, future update.

In looking at the details of the APK, you’ll notice the Google store is adding some things to its Enterprise services. This is mainly centered around companies having the ability to host private apps that only employees can see. Now companies will be able to not only restrict who can see the apps, but what networks they are downloadable on or are able to be updated on.

Additionally, Talk Android reported on the quickly posted and removed Chrome for Work app a few weeks ago. It may be possible these types of apps will be making their debut when Google launches a real refresh to the Play Store.

There’s also a curious bit about vouchers. It appears that Google will be rolling out a program soon that would allow the giving of vouchers in specific sections of the Play Store, like Movies or Newsstand.

APK Mirror: APK Download for Google Play Store

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