Samsung to begin selling Gear VR in some Best Buy stores on February 8th


Samsung’s Gear VR headset was announced at the same time as the Galaxy Note 4, but getting your hands on one has been tricky. So far, Samsung has only been selling it online through Best Buy’s online store and in some European countries, so it’s hardly widely available. Fortunately it looks like that’ll change in February.

Starting February 8th, a select 100 Best Buy stores will begin stocking the Gear VR with a demo Note 4 for customers to test drive. The demo units will have four experiences to check out, including Milk Video for videos, TheBlu for gaming, Transformers for a virtual reality movie, and 360 Photos for viewing images. Those should cover most of the bases for someone that’s interested in buying a Gear VR.

The demo has some limitations, however. It’s limited to just 3 minutes, and you can only view content that’s approved for the demo, so you wouldn’t be able to look at your own pictures or games with the demo headset. There are a few other safety stipulations, too, which makes sense. Pricing on the Gear VR hasn’t changed, so if you are interested, it’ll run $199.

Samsung plans on testing the customer reaction with these 100 stores, and if it’s a positive experience, they’ll be expanding to more Best Buy stores later on.

source: Sammobile

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