OxygenOS is the name of the new OnePlus ROM


OnePlus held a contest to come up with name for their own ROM, and they just announced the winning name. It’s going to be OxygenOS, and the winner is @midifire.

With so many entries, what caught their attention to OxygenOS? According to their forum post, Oxygen is the epitome of simplicity, yet it’s also extraordinarily powerful.”

Oxygen is as they say, all around us and part of everything we do. Alone it’s simple, but when it’s part of something, it does amazing things, and that’s how OnePlus seem themselves.

They plan on releasing more information on February 12, so stay tuned.

source: OnePlus

  • Guillaume

    If it’s as simple, close to AOSP and powerful as Cyanogen, but less greedy than Cyanogen is becoming, that’s going to be all good :)