Gameloft releases trailer for yet another big update to Six-Guns


If you’re a player of Gameloft’s Six-Guns, you were recently treated to the Gang Showdown expansion.

But if that wasn’t enough, Gameloft is teasing yet another update to the game. And the reaper cometh.

Six-Guns was updated on January 8th to expand on the existing game. The update notes from Gameloft are:

– GANG SHOWDOWN: Enter this brand-new mode that completely redefines multiplayer competition
– NEW BOSS RAID: Madness will play with your brain. Keep your eyes peeled!
– NEW WEAPONS & OUTFIT: Only fearless cowboys will be able to handle these terrifying new weapons
– WILD WINTER: Who said there’s no snow in the Wild West? Roll up the best snowball you can for the snowball fight event!
Gameloft isn’t disclosing much on what the newest feature to Six-Guns will be, other than to tell you it involves Death. Check out the trailer below and make your assumptions now!

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Source: Droid Gamers

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