New Hack for Desire for Apps2SD Shows Remarkable Results in Speed Benchmarks

It’s impossible not to respect the guys at XDA-Developers. They are so good at taking their favorite mobile platforms and getting much, much more out of them. Apps, hacks, tweaks, roots, and roms — these guys make it happen. And their newest development is no less impressive: A new hack for Apps2SD that greatly improves performance.

If you’ve heard of Apps2SD — a hack that allows you to run apps from the SD, thus saving your internal memory — you’ve heard that one of the downfalls is that it tends to be a little slower than desired. Well, this may be the first step correcting that issue across the board. Currently only working FOR SURE on the Desire (a Nexus One version is in testing), this hack appears to improve performance by about 600%, according to benchmarks.

The full technical details are available at the discussion thread, as well as how to make this happen on your own device…but we warned, this is not for the feint-of-heart. Some technical knowhow is definitely a prerequisite.

[via xda-developers]

  • Eric

    This looks like the same screen shot of the G2 overclocked to 1.9…..

  • thatguy

    For the last time, stop crediting xda, the dev there who claimed to create this is a liar, this has been done to several other devices across several other development sites for well over a year, stop increasing xda’s fake fame and fake devs, and check your sources before you go posting stories with false information