Razer announces new Nabu X smartband for as low as $19.99


Razer already made a big splash with the Forge TV announcement, and now they are hoping to capture a little attention in the wearables market. They just announced the Nabu X, which is a smartband that tracks fitness data and provides notifications from your smartphone.

The Nabu X is for those that want very simple. It’s actually a cheaper version of the Nabu that was introduced last November. You won’t find a display on this one, and it can’t even tell you the time. What you will find is three colored LED indicators that are programmable along with vibrations to alert you of notifications from your paired smartphone. The Nabu X will also work with third-party apps that are available in the Nabu Marketplace. There is also an accelerometer to track your activity data.

You will have your choice of black, white, or green and it will be priced at $19.99 for Razer Insiders (loyal customers) or $49.99 for everyone else. Razer is planning a spring release.

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Full Press Release:


Nabu X joins award-winning Nabu in Razer’s wearables category; ships this month to qualified Razer Insiders in United States and Europe for $19.99 (MSRP: $49.99)

LAS VEGAS (CES 2015) – Razer™, a world leader in connected devices and software for gamers, today announced the launch of Razer Nabu X, a wearable that delivers notifications from smartphones, tracks fitness data, and has social band-to-band capabilities, all in a discreet form factor. The Razer Nabu X will be priced at $19.99 to qualified fans at Razer’s Insider forums and start selling on Jan. 13. Retail units will be shipping in spring for $49.99.

The Razer Nabu X uses three colored LED indicators and vibrations to alert users of any notifications received on a paired smartphone, while the Razer Nabu features an OLED private message screen that displays short text previews of incoming notifications. Both the Razer Nabu X and Razer Nabu will work with the full suite of third-party developed applications available on the Nabu Marketplace.

“The greatest barriers to entry for new technology are price and complexity, and we’ve eliminated both of those with the Razer Nabu X,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. “We’ve taken what makes the Nabu such a compelling wearable – discreet notifications, activity tracking and band-to-band communication – and incorporated them into the Nabu X. It’s the basic alternative to the Nabu that’s extremely affordable and simple to use.”

The Nabu X’s sensor module houses a highly precise accelerometer, paired with finely tuned algorithms to ensure the most accurate activity data is captured for its users. A vibration motor ensures users are discreetly notified of incoming notifications, and the three LEDs can be color-customized to indicate what type of notification is being received. The sensor module is also detachable to allow users to mix and match between three planned strap colors: black, white, and green.

The Nabu X is designed for absolute comfort during daily wear with a soft-rubber finish, extensive water resistance, and one-size-fits-all watch-like strap. It’s also easy to use, with wrist-turn detection and light taps on the sensor module to activate the LED indicators.

Like the Razer Nabu, the Nabu X can be paired to connected apps on a user’s iOS or Android smartphone where collected data can be displayed and device settings can be finely tuned. Connected apps can be discovered via an in-app marketplace, with more to be added over time.

Early adopters and Razer fans can get the Nabu X at an exclusive price of $19.99 via Insider, Razer’s premier community-driven platform. To sign-up for Razer Insider and to get more information, go to https://insider.razerzone.com/index.php.
For more information on Razer Nabu X and how to get one, visit www.razerzone.com/nabu-x.

About the Razer Nabu X

The Nabu X joins the Nabu in the company’s wearables category, both as separate solutions to be sold side-by-side. The company’s first wearable features a private message OLED screen, while the newest addition employs three LED indicators to notify users.
The Razer Nabu is an award-winning wearable that was first introduced at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in 2014 where it won a “Best of CES” award as “People’s Choice,” besting a field of more than 40 finalists by earning 50 percent of the popular vote during the show.
Nabu and Nabu X comparison table

Exclusive Insider-only price: U.S. $19.99

Find out more at http://insider.razerzone.com
Retail: U.S. $49.99 / EU €49.99

Razerzone.com – Jan. 13, 2015
Worldwide – Spring 2015
– See more at: http://www.razerzone.com/press/detail/press-releases/razer-launches-entry-level-smartband-with-notification-features#sthash.0nnedeNf.dpuf


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  • Blane Stroud

    Still more expensive than the Redmi band you can get for like $18 that does the same thing. You can even install a modified APK someone posted on XDA and it will do notifications as well as all the fitness tracking.