Xiaomi’s handset with sapphire display to arrive before Apple’s


In August, Kyocera launched a smartphone with a sapphire display. The specifications were rather mediocre and everyone was left wanting more. It was expected that the iPhone 6 would launch with the technology, but Apple did not make that happen. So the door is open for a company to step forward with a device that has both cutting edge specifications behind a durable piece of glass. A report from DigiTimes pegs Xiaomi as the company to beat Apple to producing a handset with a sapphire display.

The new Xiaomi 5 is said to have a sapphire display that measures 5.7 inches. Xiaomi has asked Lens Technology and Biel Crystal Manufactory about producing the special glass. Both companies are apparently able to have sapphire displays manufactured in a very short amount of time; therefore, a launch at CES 2015 is certainly a possibility.

Source: DigiTimes
Via: Pocketnow