HTC Dream G1 In The Wild

Are these the first pics of the Android powered HTC Dream/G1 in the wild?

This image has surfaced on a personal blog from the network. Little detail is given surrounding the nature of the images.

One of my super secret spies at Google just happened to trade contact information with someone who admitted that the phone in his hand was the fabled Dream.

  • Pernell Moore

    Anyway, is it me or does it look like a Gameboy? Why are they not showing pics of the much cooler looking black model? I don’t doubt that it’s gonna be a remarkable device but features aren’t enough to get the average consumer to buy; it has to look “cool.”

  • mkh

    What, no virtual keyboard – dumb pop-out manual. How last-year. Touch screen demo I saw – really bad – lame icon-based instead of intuitive controls. No iPhone killer here – just another iPhone wannabe – and as a T-Mobile customer, I wanted one, until I saw it, sigh.

  • bazooca

    i have been an iphoner for a just over a year and i STILL miss a real qwerty keypad. and as great as my iphone can be on a good day, there are a ton of things i miss about the blackberry i owned before it. after a year ican confidently say that the iphone is not the mobile platfrom i so wanted it to be. I am anxiously awaiting ANY android phone, I am more than ready to switch and would eagerly trade my iphone for even a potentially glitch ridden Android running gadget. I am so ready for open source goodness, I even have my AT&T cancellation fee ready and waiting, yes i AM that eager.

  • Mike

    I too have been waiting for an android phone. When I first heard about this I was looking forward to its release. I still want one, but I will have to check out the specs first (including the price). I also own an iPhone and I too miss being able to use a keyboard, but I like the slim form-factor. So this looks pretty thin with a (what looks like) large touch screen, AND a physical qwerty keyboard. Also, its open source!…I hope I am not getting excited for nothing! =\ we will soon find out..

  • Wait up… is this phone called the “GI” Phone or the “Dream” Phone from T-Mobile? I’m confussed as I hve been a customer for 5yrs & hve the Razor, the new MP3 Phone (cnt think of the name off top), the Blackberry Curve, the Sidekick, Sidekick II, the Sidekick LX & Razor(s) and I was actually going to go with the Shadow bcuz of all the problems I had CONSTANTLY with the phones or service & the T-Mo employee knows I like my keyboard so they showed me the Sidekick 2008 that JUST came out & I’m STILL not impresses but when they offered me the phone for ONLY sales tax, I’m now using the new Sidekick 2008 that came out on August 7th, 8th…anyways, I’ve been told by 3 different Employees that the new touch screen Google “Dream” phone is coming out & than today was told by anthr T-Mo Employee that it’s the “G1” phone by google, so I’m confussed now….is it 2 different phones they’re talking about??? Is it the SAME phone…2 names??? Also, the representitive told me the G1 Phone is out & “short stocked” but only going for abt $168.00 with a new 2yr contract & when anthe employee told me about the Dream phone, they said it was coming out Oct. 16th….than I found this website 2day… confussed now! Can ANYONE answer my queation(s) about the Phone(s) or abt the release and does anyone know waht price yet on either of the “new” touchscreen phone? TX