Xiaomi faces difficulties expanding overseas


According to a report published by DigitTimes this morning, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is facing major difficulties selling its devices outside of China despite its belligerent marketing techniques.

There are many possible reasons for Xiaomi’s current failure to expand its reach out of China.

The first is that India recently banned Xiaomi from selling any of its smartphones in its country due to an infringement of Ericsson’s patents. Although the court has temporarily lifted the injunction until the next trial on January 8, 2015, the company has decided not to ship any devices to the region until a final decision has been made.

Second, Xiaomi has been criticised for plagiarism, so if it were to launch smartphones in any other country, it’s more than likely that other key smartphone manufacturers would start taking legal action to have the devices prohibited.

Third, most of Xiaomi’s handsets aren’t patented, and without spending large sums of money to resolve the potential lawsuits that major OEMs would initiate, they would most probably loose, preventing them from manufacturing any more of the devices highlighted during the trial.

So, overall, Xiaomi isn’t in a good enough position to start shipping its smartphones Internationally. If it were to start expanding overseas, it would face a lot of negative press and competitors would definitely try to challenge the company in an effort to have its devices banned.

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Source: DigiTimes

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