Gingerbread now running on HD2, HTC’s most popular Windows Mobile device

In the slew of Gingerbread news coming out about devices getting Gingerbread, here’s one we hadn’t thought about yet. It looks like some of the brilliant minds over at xda-developers have gotten Gingerbread ported over to the HTC HD2, an originally Windows Mobile device. We’ve given you a tutorial on running Android on your HD2 before, but this is, of course, the newest and greatest you can get.

XDA member DarkStone1337 was able to port Android 2.3 over to the HD2, simply stating, “I’ve done it”. We also know that, because of his personal life, DarkSton will be unable to continue development or push releases, he will hand out the information that he used to get it running. He stated:

Like I said in other threads, I won’t be updating/releasing builds anymore due to time constraints. So I’ll share the change, basically @ mjeeday, phiredrop, motoman, others who want to make the build work…

Just another awesome piece of Gingerbread goodness here. Expect to see more and more development on devices like this as the days go on. Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments, and hit the source link to check out the original thread at xda.

[via xda]