Toshiba Releases Canvio AeroCast, A Wireless Hard Drive Able To Cast


Not wanting to be left out this holiday season, Toshiba has gone above-and-beyond simply keeping pace with its competitors. Today, the company has issued a press release unveiling what may be the gadget to purchase this December. It is a portable hard drive that is both wireless and capable of directly Casting to devices like the Chromecast.


No bigger than the size of your hand, their newest addition to the Canvio portable hard drive line comes with a 1 terabyte built-in capacity but also allows expandable storage via SD cards. With the downloading of Toshiba’s Google Cast Ready app, users will be able to cast personal photos, music, and video to their televisions.

Vice president of Toshiba’s Branded Storage division stated, “Storage needs are changing. By understanding the importance of mobility, we have taken storage to the next level. With integrated wireless capabilities, we empower our users to share and stream their personal digital content the way they want, wirelessly…the Canvio AeroCast Wireless Hard Drive fills a real need for consumers – they’re now able to enjoy the content that they own, wirelessly on the home television.”

Coming in at $219.99, the product will be available on Toshiba’s online store today, but it won’t be introduced alone. Toshiba is also releasing a Cast Wireless Adapter for $79.99. This device should allow older generation Canvio portable hard drives to become Cast-ready.

For me, I am already daydreaming about the devices and software this product could work with, like Chromebooks and Plex. I’m also left wondering how I might be able to integrate Google Drive sync on this puppy. Now all I need is Google Fiber…



About the Author: Joseph Proffer

In 2011, Joseph bought his first smartphone: Sprint's variant of the Samsung Galaxy SII, the Epic 4G Touch. And the rest, as they say, is history. Joseph has been an occasional journalist since his college years at the University of Oklahoma, where he was an opinion columnist for the OU Daily. His main interests have always been science and technology, especially gadgets. He lives in Indiana with his border collie, plotting world domination.