Latest Plex for Plex Pass update brings integration with the global search on Android TV


Plex for Plex Pass got a pretty sizable update today. Those of you with a Nexus Player or ADT-1 will love the integration with global search. One of the biggest complaints with Android TV has been the fact that searching for content from within the global search only yields results from Play Movies & TV. The good news is that apps can integrate with global search as long as developers add a few lines of code to their apps.

Plex has done just that with the Plex Pass app. Before today, you could conduct a voice search for Plex content, but only within the app. Now you can search for any movie or TV show from the main search on Android TV, and you will not only see results for Play Movies & TV, but Plex as well. Pretty cool!!

Another highly anticipated feature is the support for playlists, which can be utilized on mobile and Android TV.

Here’s the complete rundown of new features:

  • Support for playlists (mobile layout and Android TV)
  • Playback notifications now have bigger art and a dismiss button
  • Settings now show each category in a new page
  • Improved usability of play queues
  • Play unwatched TV shows and seasons by default
  • Play episodes from On Deck continuously
  • Android TV: Integrate app with the device’s global search and  new preferences for remote video quality and network logging

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About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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