Nexus 4 Reportedly Has Dialer Issues with Android 5.0 Lollipop


Android updates are typically met with an assortment of bugs, and the rollout of 5.0 Lollipop has been no different, if not worse, than previous updates. Over the past month, users across a wide range of Nexus devices, including the built-for-Lollipop Nexus 6 and 9, have reported issues with WiFi, sluggishness, app crashes, and more. If you have  Nexus 7, 9, or 10, there’s already a 5.0.1 update waiting for you.

Not to be eclipsed by their fellow Nexus stablemates, some Nexus 4 users are now complaining about dialer issues. The problem appears to be pretty bad lag across the entire dialer interface, with three-second gaps between any presses and actual action occurring.

What’s more, some users say that when receiving a call, there’s a lag of three-to-four seconds after picking up before the caller can actually hear the recipient. As one frustrated user puts it, “In practice my phone is NOT a phone after lollipop [sic] update.”

Surely Google is aware of the problems and the 5.0.1 patch will be making its way to cellular devices soon, bringing with it some much-needed bug fixes and giving Android users something to cheer about.

Are you on Lollipop yet? What’s your experience been? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Source: Google

About the Author: Geoff Openshaw

Geoff has been an Android enthusiast for many years, starting with the original Droid, which he purchased solely because he did not yet believe in the efficiency of virtual keyboards. His current phone is a Nexus 5, but admits the camera is wanting. He works for an international development firm, handling humanitarian projects overseas. Aside from his writings at Talk Android, he also edits the BLOCK magazine of the Missouri Star Quilt Co., owns and runs a podcast network, and occasionally writes and/or performs music. He's an avid Angels and FC Barcelona fan and pretends he knows how to cook, but his wife will say differently. He is from Southern California and resides in Washington, DC.

  • Jakob Wångö

    Have no such lag on my N4 weird enough.

    • Bardo

      I haven’t noticed any dialer lag on my N4 either.
      I did clear the cache partition after the OTA, I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Did you clear yours?

      • Jakob Wångö

        yep. Cleared the cache.

      • MC Wong

        My nexus 4 has no issues after ota, didn’t need to clear cache. Battery life no worse thn KK, maybe slightly better. Phone run cooler under 5.0 while it gets warm quite often on 4.4.4. Should be even better after 5.0.1.

  • Emp

    There is a small lag on my N4 from pressing call until it starts calling – but nothing dire

  • Hamish Campbell

    I’ve noticed a lag on the move to lollipop, when initially hitting the dialler icon

  • Vítek

    I have the same issue on my n4. Sometimes it is ringing with dark screen and without the option to take it…. Hope Google will fix it…

    • SD

      ya dude i am having the same prob…no way to pick up the call when the phone is locked!!

  • makapav

    I have the same issue but on my Nexus 5. The dialer is and has been horribly slow since L. I did a full factory flash each time on my phone.

  • What issue?

  • gurjeev singh sethi

    I am facing battery issue … My battery draining like a hell too much of draining … My facebook messenger is also not working properly getting crashed and last disappointment is that as android 5.0 udated at my nexus 4 gallery folder has been removed and one photo folder is there which is not up to the mark .. Seriously please fix these issues n dialler problem also

  • Nad

    Im using stock lollipop on my nexus 4. I have not had a single problem so far. My device is running extra smooth. I dont know what everyone has been smoking. Just flash the firmware using the right procedure and you wont face any problem. Lollipop is sublime and so is the N4.

    • willyd

      You are not having any trouble? Great! But, I have stock lollipop on my N4, upgraded to 5.0 and 5.0.1 through the update notification on my phone. Guess what? I have the dialer issue too. Nope, gave up smoking years ago, thank you very much.

  • SD

    ever since i ve got lollipop is crashing all the time..i m also having the dialer issue and on top of that when i get a call..the dialer isnt showing directly when the screen is i have to press the power button to unlock the screen and then a take the call..has anyone got the same problem..or i m just missing smthg..:P thanx

  • albert

    Nexus 4 with OTA 5.0 update. No dialer lag but the battery drain is noticeable. I have not done a factory reset but I may have to go that route if this continues. For example, battery meter right now is at 80% with four hours remaining. Also, adaptive brightness is way lower than before.

  • Aziz EL Hassani

    I suffer from the same issue.I badly regret having download Lollipop upgrade onto my Nexus 4. I hope Google will fix this issue as soon as possible.

  • Kalyan

    I use a Nexus 4 & Lollipop is more of a virus than an upgrade. Nothing in my phone works except calling & whatsapp. Shocking that google didnt do their homework & messed up big time. My Gmail doesnt open. My SMS doesnt work. The “Gallery” icon is missing. Cant search contacts. By the time I type 3 characters in a name the window closes. The list is endless. Whats worse. When u realise Lollipop is a disaster, there is no way to go back to the previous version. No wonder people love Iphones so much. When you ask for help all that is available is Android forums. Its almost like google takes no responsibility for this mess. Lollipop is a big disaster. The NEXUS support page doesnt even list Nexus 4 in their list of products anymore. I dont know if this is stupidity or ignorance.

  • frustrating

    Same problem with my phone as being said in the article. I cannot even hear the caller vice versa….

  • Fidi

    for the first time I’ve been updated my nexus 4 everything was ok. but now I’ve got the big problem because I can’t use my nexus for calling whether its incoming or outgoing. so I should turn it off first to make it right, can anybody help me with this problem?

  • Itachi U

    Nexus 4 dialer app is almost unusable after android 5.0.1 update… 5-6 sec delay at times..and crashing in between. And sometimes when i get a call, there is no voice, and i have to restart the phone to return the call. Making a call is the most basic use of a mobile…im disappointed

  • Garrett Schaefer

    Not only is the dialer all screwy, ever since the update my microphone doesn’t work unless i switch to speakerphone. Doesn’t work at all for voice search. Also, battery drains much faster and charges much slower. What a nightmare update. First bugfix patch didn’t make any difference.

  • Bad Android Bad

    After the OTA 5.0.1 patch, the lower horizontal row of screen just above the Back/Home/Tabs buttons is completely dead. Cannot start a new email, start/stop a phone call or much anything else that requires a finger activation on that layer but choosing an email from the list works. Also, trying to slide up the Home button to GoogleNow doesn’t work anymore. I have to do it a few times and sometimes I can get it.

    This is really, really bad when operating system breaks the hardware.
    Bad Android, Bad!!!!!

  • optimamater

    Shocking! Can’t make calls as phone crashes as soon as it rings…the screen goes black so if the person doesn’t answer, I can’t hang up. If someone calls me the screen also goes black when I answer. Thankfully when they hang up, the phone stays on. Total disaster, no idea how to fix it. Biggest mistake I ever made upgrading. Not happy.

  • prashant upadhyay

    i am facing this issue.. and at times i have to restart the phone to get it working. caller application hangs.. :/

  • Richard

    Exactly the same issue. The dialer is sluggish to respond then the recipient and I cannot hear each other and hangs up! The most basic thing a phone must do is make calls. I wish I could take Lollipop off – the cons outweight the pros: It looks really terrible now, like a WIndows 8 copy, it’s more difficult to know what you can ‘click’ (press) and what is just information displayed. Gmail forces threading (blurghhh). Location services doesn’t cycle between all options from the Power widget, it’s either none or all (GPS) which kills battery (so I have to go into location settings after every time I use maps unless I want google to follow me everywhere!) Keyboard is awful looking without the letters bordered so I have gone back to the ‘old’ looks but either way the word recognition is worse now than it was when swiping. Calendar and lock-screen notifications are the only improvements I can see.

  • Steven

    I have the ‘can’t hear the caller’ issue too. Have to restart the phone, then it’s ok for a while.

  • Praveer

    Since the lollipop update, in the last couple of months, my dialer has crashed more than 50 times by now.

    Most of the time before the crash, the contacts, recents and speed dial screen goes completely blank & you can’t simply dial the number.

    This stays for a good 15-20 minutes before prompting to close the dialer/report the problem/wait.

    I’ve patiently reported it to google at least 2 dozen times at times using extreme language and rhetoric to get google’s attention but to no avail.

    I did a factory reset which was worse because lost all my music, media (which was not restored) & this thing still crashes !

    The heartburn,frustration & waste of time it causes to not be able to call someone with your phone when you need to, is really beyond words.
    I might sue google for raising my cortisol levels

    Don’t get me started on the battery life problems even on stock Nexus 4+Android Lollipop.

  • Chris Hicks

    Got the notice to upgrade to 5.0.1 Thursday night….phone has not worked properly since. Anything Google related does not work, so no GMail, no Hangouts for SMS, since it is a Nexus 4 basically a Google phone most things aren’t working. Even connecting to the network is sporadic. Problems with dialer….answering phone yes. Have tried clearing the cache. Have not done factory reset as anything I see on these forums tells me that is not helping. My local Koodo store is well aware of the issue as they have had tons of customers coming in, but there is nothing they can do about it….it’s a Google problem.

    • sonia

      Omg I feel you. I just did the update and NOTHING Works! It sucks!!! I’m also with Koodo I assumed they would be useless. Ugh I don’t know what to do. This is stupid.

    • Elizabeth

      Not only all of this, but as soon as I try to add a contact, the Contacts stock app crashes. Tried disabling it and using a 3rd party app, still crashes. Haven’t seen a fix yet.

  • manmeet

    Whenver call is coming issue of picking the call is very problematic …plz fux the bugs

  • Stanescu Serban Ioan

    since the 5.0.1 mai phone dials random people in my list, i live in romania, and my phone called a freind in singapore , thank god he didnt anwser me ,but instead texted me useing wats up, phone is sluggysh, it’s a piece of shit now , 2gb of ram feeling like 364 , phone crashes alot, dialing people with 5 seconds delay, anwsering and again 4-5 seconds delay, what the hell did you do?

  • Sunny

    Any time I get a phone call I swipe to answer, or click answer, and it hangs up on them. If I’m on a call and another call comes in (I don’t answer that call) it hangs up. So basically, I can’t answer calls or get incoming calls while on a call because it hangs up the phone. I also have freezing issues on some of my apps. And there are times when the phone just locks up and I have to shut it down and restart. Very frustrating.

    • Sunny

      I guess I should state what version and phone I have. 5.0.1 and the LG Nexus 4.

  • Srini

    Even my Moto G 2nd Gen (India) is recently updated with version 5.0.2 still it has dialer issues.. Kit Kat was doing much faster and smoother in dialling. But this lollipop update is frustrating and irritates me. On Kit Kat version as soon as i release my finger from a contact i can see my moto G was dialing a contact (even contact with photo) without any lag ,,,..but in Lollipop huhhhh i was suppose to check whether my phone is really dialing a contact.. Why Why…..after the touch it takes 2 to 3 seconds to show recent/favourite contacts and after dialing it takes 2 seconds to show dialing number (Version 5.0.2.)

    I am using JBL in Ear headphone which was fine with Kit Kat 4 but after upgrade sometimes i was suppose to play music by touching the music player in the phone first time not by pressing the play/pause button in my headset. But i was able to bring the player up in kitkat 4 by just pressing the button in headset..

  • Atulya

    Its really sad… Dialer is getting hung each and every time I touch. Fix it guys….

  • Atulya

    I am using Nexus 6 and after upgrading to 5.0.1Dialer is getting hung each and every time I touch. :(

  • aaa

    Just upgraded my nexus 4. When answering a phone call, the microphone doesn’t work so I can hear them but they can’t hear me.
    This is an unbelievably basic functionality that got screwed up completely.
    Who signed for such a release and why do they keep pushing it onto innocent users?
    Google is turning into Microsoft.

  • Kathy

    My Nexus 4 won’t send or receive texts now that I upgraded to 5.0.1

  • Verdun Strickland

    I’m using a nexus 5 and the dialer periodically hangs when dialing a non-contact number. And i get random app crashes. Its very annoying.

  • Mike G

    My Nexus 4 is about 50/50 on calls. Half the time it works fine, half the time it doesn’t work at all. Problems have included: severe lag, not being able to hear the other person (or a dial tone, or anything), the other person not being able to hear me, the screen not turning back on when I try to use the number pad (e.g., making a selection while on a call), the app crashing when I try to make a call.
    All in all, I regret updating to Lollipop. It has caused a ton of problems for me (beyond these) and almost no discernible benefits.

  • arba

    I use moto g, upgrade to lollipop just about a month.
    Overall it’s a good design. But there is an unacceptable bugs.
    I cannot answer call when i’m open an apps. The popup show at above edge, but i cannot answer it, the answer button completely not response. I even cannot close the apps by clicking the ‘O’ button, it’s not lagging, it’s an error, MAJOR BUGS.

    I have to press the power button. But yes, it means, we reject the call.

    In the previous android (kitkat 4.4.4), when a call arrives, it does interrupt the apps. But in lollipop it feel like an ads. i hope google aware this. thank you

  • Dhanraj

    Moto G2 user : I cannot make calls from my contacts.. when I press contact person it shows only whatspp contact that I cannot make call directly. so Iam calling through whatspp only.
    if the person is not in whatsapp then call goes by asking sim1 or sim2.
    what is the solution… pls anybody faced same problem and resolved. your inputs here will make me help.

  • Gene Gan

    Updated to 5.0.1 to my Nexus4 last week. I was upset to do it since I suspected will have problems. Today I start to have the ‘cannot make call’ problems like others. Google sucks and I guess the Android is becoming NEW “Windows” full of bugs down the road!

  • N4User

    Getting F’d in the A by this BS too… Come the F on you bunch of C’s and fix this S.

  • anand

    The update to android 5.0 .. Facing problems in hearing dials and calls. Please advise any solutions on this

  • me

    Nexus 4 . I hate lollipop in many ways. Google did away with the mail app unless you want you mail to be archived by their servers first. Second the picture library sucks. Phone crashes more often then before. Biggest grip is with the horribly sucky confusing and many times useless dialer app. I have cheek hung up, 3 wayed, muted mid conversation. Never had all these issues before lollipop. Dialer app layout sucks too. I hate apple but I may be forced that way next upgrade.

  • nex4

    really want to go back for Jellybean, bugs after bugs and so on after updating since, from bluetooth frequent disconnection, hearing dials and calls, phone self-rebooting.

  • john

    Since the update I have various problems. Lag, shutting off randomly, no sound , can’t always make calls, can’t tether to my tablet. None existed b4 on my nexus4. I’m not happy.

  • Lara

    I THOUGHT after 5 months of waiting some of the issues with lollipop might be sorted out. I installed it last night on my Nexus 4. I’m now trying to figure out how to get rid of it. My dialer doesn’t work, gmail doesn’t work, hangouts doesn’t work, play store doesn’t work, my suduko game doesn’t work, google drive doesn’t work, facebook only sorta works, 1/2 of the settings options don’t work (if you press them the screen goes black for a second, then takes you back to the home screen), my battery dies within 3 hours, photo’s won’t open/work. About the only thing that does work is chrome.

  • Randall Lind

    In favorites I touch a person and it pops up to call then disappears. I then do it again and it dials like normal.