Here’s how to enable the hidden reader mode in Chrome for Android


One of the most inconsistent things I’ve noticed on my Note 4 is that some web sites are hard to read. With varying formatting, it can sometimes be a process having to zoom in and out, moving the page back and forth, etc. Well Chrome for Android has your back as it now has a hidden reader mode. Reader mode will strip away that annoying formatting. Here’s how to enable it.

In the latest version of Chrome for Android (I enabled it in Chrome Beta) type chrome://flags in the address bar. Once there, hit the menu option and go to Find on Page. Search for “Enable Reader Mode Toolbar Icon.” Tap enable and hit Relaunch Chrome. Easy as that. If you’re on a compatible page you’ll see an A with lines next to it (see below). If you tap it, you’ll get a more streamlined version of the page you’re on, making it easier to read.


That said, it’s still an experimental feature, so mileage may vary. It does have the potential to get rid of some of the stuff you want to look at (such as pictures and video) but it may come in handy for those that want to read an article without all the formatting fluff.

source: Lifehacker

About the Author: Jack Holt

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  • One of the reasons I love the app “Pocket” is because it turns web articles into a reader-mode styled article. Then, with the Dark Theme selected, I can get rid of that awful white background…

    Maybe Chrome could add something like that eventually.