Firefox for Android graduates to version 34 with Chromecast and Roku streaming


In September, the beta for Firefox for Android suggested that Mozilla was taking Roku and Chromecast mirroring seriously. The company took its nightly builds — with mirroring support — and added it to the beta cycle. Well fast forward about three months later and the feature has graduated to the stable build.

Version 34 not only adds mirroring support to both the Chromecast and Roku, but adds a new theme, security fixes and bug enhancements. One of the more notable bug fixes involves MP4 videos not playing on Lollipop. However Flash doesn’t work on Android 5.0 and you can’t play MP3s in the browser either.

For those that want to give it a go, you can download it from the Play Store. For those that have it installed already, you should see the update in the Play Store if you haven’t downloaded it already.

source: Mozilla