Samsung sells a million Galaxy Tabs, up 50% from 2010 estimates

Less than two months after launch date and after less than a month after its release on T-Mobile, Samsung has officially sold 1 million Samsung Galaxy Tabs. In comparison, Apple sold 2 million iPads in its first two months, though that was not during a holiday shopping season (nor was there competition).

Two weeks ago, Samsung had sold 600,000 Galaxy Tab units and projected that they would reach 1 million units sold by the end of the year. Now that 1 million units sold has been reached, Samsung has upped that end of the year sales projection to 1.5 million. Samsung has also sold 3 million Samsung Galaxy S phones in the US alone. Clearly, Samsung and Android is a strong bond.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has found a market with its smaller form factor, dual cameras, Google’s Android 2.2 OS, and its compatibility with Adobe Flash. It is now available through some 120 mobile carriers in 64 countries.

[via cnn]

  • Drew

    “Clearly, Samsung and Android is a strong bond.”

    Not when it comes to Froyo (grumblegrumbleiwantfroyoonmyepicgrumblegrumble)

  • rogerms

    If there were a WiFi only version I’d be interested. In the meantime my Archos 70 arrives early next week.