Nexus 6 gets teardown treatment, scores 7 out of 10 on repairability


When buying a new phone, sometimes consumers want to know how tough the device will be to repair in case something goes wrong with it down the line. Fortunately, sites like iFixit do everyone a favor by ripping apart high-end phones to see how easy it’ll be to replace components and screens.

The latest device to get a full teardown is Motorola’s Nexus 6, and it actually scored a pretty high on the repairability scale. Out of the 10, the Nexus 6 was rated a 7, which is only slightly more difficult to repair than last year’s Nexus 5. Considering tons of other new devices consistently score much lower, this is good news for potential Nexus buyers.

If you want to see the full process, hit the link below. Hopefully you won’t ever need to rip your Nexus apart, but in case you do, it’ll make a handy reference.

source: iFixit