Google working on a double keyboard for mobile devices to translate languages between two different people


Patents are interesting in that they show what companies are working on, but at the same time, you might never see the product. Google has applied for a new patent that is rather interesting. It’s a new form of communication on a mobile device for two people that speak different languages.

The application displays two keyboards, one at each end of a mobile device. It’s kind of like a local messenger in that each person would receive the other person’s translated message.

So you could be in Germany and have a conversation with someone that only speaks German. You would type your messages in English, and they would receive your message on their side of the device, but it would already be translated to German. The opposite happens for your side of the device.

Quite interesting for sure. Do you think this kind of a setup would be easier than current apps when in a foreign country?

source: Google
via: BGR