ShadowCrypt is a Chrome extension that encrypts tweets, status updates and emails


In the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelation that our privacy may not be as private as we once thought, there has been a monumental push to make things more secure. From Google encrypting things in Lollipop by default to people scrubbing their entire existences from the Internet, the privacy wars are only going to escalate. Well those of you concerned with your online privacy should check out a new Chrome extension called ShadowCrypt.

ShadowCrypt encrypts email, Facebook status updates, tweets on Twitter and other social media aspects. After it’s installed, an encryption key needs to be generated for every web site visited as well as every email sent. Those keys will need to be given to those you wish to share your status updates, tweets, or emails with. That being said, they need to be ShadowCrypt users as well, otherwise they’re going to see a garbled string of characters. We have a video for you below of it in action so if you’re still on the fence, be sure to check it out.

source: ShadowCrypt
via: engadget

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