Nokia rumored to be designing an Android-powered flagship

Nokia N9

Back in July we reported that Microsoft was killing off any Android-powered Nokia smartphones that were in development, but new rumors claim otherwise. According to a couple China-based tech sites, the design team behind the underrated Nokia N9 are back at it, designing a new Android-powered flagship. Due to Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia, it is unlikely the phone will bare Nokia’s timeless logo, but it will undoubtedly come with a sleek design like the N9’s, if it ever comes to fruition. After the mixed reviews of the Nokia X, does this rumor pique anyone’s interests? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: MyDrivers
Via: Phone Arena


  • Shimoner01

    The Nokia X models were never meant to be flagships; they were weak entry level phones and they sucked. That being said, if they are developing a flagship, as you say, then I would love to see what they can build.

  • JPB

    If it includes Google services, apps, and Play Store, then yes. I’d be interested.

    • Gnuton

      You can always add Google services as you can do that other ASOP like Cyanogenmod

  • wsr6120

    use completely google services,cortana, I will wait if when launch the new flagship its a nokia forever