Pre-orders for Google’s first Gamepad are now live


The Nexus Player pre-order went through a bit of a rough start, but now it is up and available to order, and as of today so is the Nexus Player’s accompanying game controller. A first for Google, the Nexus Player’s gamepad looks like a serious controller with a button arrangement not unlike the Sony’s DualShock controllers. The buttons include 2 analog sticks, a 4-button D-pad and 8 action buttons featuring two pressure-sensitive triggers.

The Nexus Player will support up to four controllers at a time and can play most games that are avavilable on the Play Store. You can pre-order the Nexus Player now for $99 and a controller will set you back another $39. Any early adopters out there looking to get their hands on a Nexus Player? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Google Play Store

  • When all else fails… Just do it yourself. Good job Google.