Google adds USB Security Key support to make their 2-Step Verification more robust


Google’s 2-Step Verification is currently the most secure method of signing into your Google account but today the search giant have one-upped their own robust security system by launching Security Key. Security Key is similar to 2-Step Verification except instead of typing in a unique code, you simply insert the USB Security Key. The USB first verifies that the site you’re on is a legitimate Google site and then prompts you to tap the USB key.

The Security Key and Google Chrome use the Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol so this verification process can easily be implemented into other sites and browsers. While Security Key works with Google Accounts for no extra charge, users will have to purchase a U2F-compatible USB device from the vendor of their choice. Hit the source to learn more about Google’s awesome new security measures.

Source: Google

  • rothbart

    Very nice. I was able to easily enroll my existing YubiKey Neo and it worked like a charm.