Windows 95 on a Smartwatch?


Do you remember Windows 95, the revolutionary update to the Windows desktop software that brought us Internet explorer and other desktop improvements? Well if you’ve been feeling nostalgic and missing the two decade-old OS, now you can get it on your smartwatch! Developer Corbin Davenport has posted a video of him running Windows 95 on a Samsung Gear Live, the popular Android Wear smartwatch made by Samsung, featuring a 1.6 inch screen with a Snapdragon 400 processor and 512 MB RAM.

Although Windows 95 was obviously not made to run on smartwatches in 2014, using aDosBox, and Android app that emulates the ancient DOS operating system and can install OS versions from Windows 95 back. The version running on a smartwatch is rife with bugs and will crash often, despite running on a processor much more powerful than the 33MHz that was common in ’95, 512 MB of RAM instead instead of the 8 MB of RAM that was just becoming popular, and quadruple that highest mainstream storage of that time.

As someone who grew up using Windows 95 and has some experience working with DosBox, I’m tempted to give this try for kicks and giggles. Anyone else thinking about putting some classic style on your device? Leave a comment below to let us know.

Source: Liliputing

About the Author: Alex Cobb

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