Disney Pulls Tiny Death Star from Google Play, Forgets to tell Developer


Disney’s popular “Tiny Death Star” app has been abruptly removed from the Google Play store and Apple Appstore to the surprise of everyone—including the developers!Nimblebit, the company that developed Tiny Death Star were reportedly unaware that its app was being removed from the store due to Disney not mentioning it at all to its partner. The app, which was released less than a year ago, was removed alongside Star Wars Assault team, which has been on the store for about half of a year.

Marsh, the “Chief Pixelation Officer” of Nimblebit had this to say about the incident:¬†“We’re very disappointed to see Tiny Death Star shuttered less than a year after launch. We had no prior knowledge that the game would be removed and no longer even have a contact at Disney after the recent layoffs. ¬†Suffice to say if you’re a developer looking to partner with Disney this might not be the partnership you’re looking for.”

Source: Game Informer


  • dyleck

    This game was bugged like hell. Just when you pass 100 levels it is becoming unplayable.

  • Michele Hansen

    Oh, no! This is my favorite app ever! I love it and have played for 115 levels, best elevator, and all 198 bitizens in LL9 dream jobs. I also had hundreds of products waiting to be spent on crafting, and almost 90 million credits. Why has this game been pulled?