More details leak out about the Sony Ericsson “Playstation Phone”


More rumors have leaked regarding the Sony Ericsson “Playstation Phone” and it’s exciting news that makes this hybrid phone/portable gaming device look more and more promising.  First off, the source says that this device is in fact real, and is expected to come to market sometime in February of 2011.  Hardware-wise, the screen is supposedly on par if not superior to iPhone 4’s retina display, possibly utilizing technology from Sony’s Bravia line of displays.  Which if so, would be a leveraging highlight to boast when marketing the device – especially since it’s a gaming device.

Details regarding the gaming side of things are still sparse.  Expect games to be priced similarly to mobile games already in the Android Market – around $10 or less instead of the higher cost of older PSP games.  Speaking of older PSP games, we don’t know if it will run older PSP games yet.  I imagine if they stick with the Sony Ericsson XPERIA branding, we can expect legacy PSP games to be incompatible, but I’m sure Sony will utilize their partnership with game developers to bring some awesome titles to their new flagship mobile gaming platform.  The name Tekken has been thrown around.  What we also don’t know is how Sony plans to sell/distribute the new line-up of games – Android Market, or their own market store like the Playstation Store on the PS3.

Pricing on the Playstation phone/device seems reasonable, with off-contract prices around $500 being thrown around – which would include 5 free games.  Nothing like free games to get you enticed and excited.  Expect more details to emerge around December 9th, and probably even more at CES in January.  For now, be rest assured that this device IS coming and will probably be running Gingerbread when it hits your twitching fingers next year.

[via MobileCrunch]