HTC One M8 Max to not be Quite as Large as Predecessor


HTC is well-known for making gorgeous phones with thrilling design and brilliant features, but what it’s not known well for at the moment is making money. We all know that the tech company has fallen on hard times despite making the device rated as the best phone of the year by multiple websites for the past two years. In order to combat this issue and create a device to rake in the holiday sales, HTC will most likely be releasing its phablet of the year, the HTC One M8 Max, in Q4 of this year.

The device should be smaller than its predecessor, the original HTC One Max, which measured in at an enormous 5.9″. This years iteration should feature a 2K 5.5″ screen along with 3GB RAM, a Snapdragon 805, and most likely a fingerprint scanner like its ancestor.

At this point in the year, we aren’t really asking ourselves if HTC will be releasing a new device soon. The HTC One M8, despite being an incredible device, is ageing quickly, and HTC needs a cutting edge device for the Q4 boom. The question is, will the M8 Max be the ticket?

Source: PocketNow

  • Jane Seymour

    Is doesn’t matter if it’s only on one carrier.

  • Ana

    I hope there is an unlocled version for this and that it comes with a camera using OIS!

  • WoLfEnStEiN619

    So with the back coming off is it a mystery as to whether the batteries removable or not?

    • wekebu

      Removable battery is the only reason I avoid HTC these days.