Amazon drops the “Kindle” moniker from their Android-powered tablets


With the launch of the newest models of their flagship tablets, Amazon has dropped the “Kindle” moniker from the names of their Android-powered tablets. New and future models of the tablets will simply be called the Fire HD and Fire HDX. According to Amazon, the company changed the name to separate the brands and to make sure consumers know the difference between the products.

The “Kindle” brand will still be used but is now exclusive to Amazon’s eReaders, while their Android-powered phones and tablets will carry the “Fire” moniker. While it may not make much of a difference now, moving forward it could help the retail giant when they decide to launch new products. Branding expert Rob Frankel told CNET that dropping the Kindle brand may have actually been a bad idea, citing the recently launched Fire Phone’s failure as a reason to reconsider, “This is like taking one of your great failures, coming up with a new product and calling it failure version two.” Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: CNET

About the Author: James Gray

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  • JP

    The Fire phone didn’t fail because of the name. I was in the market for a new phone at the time. When I looked at it, I was going to be paying over $600 for a phone whose best feature was that it made buying at Amazon easier. I came to the conclusion that *THEY* should be paying *ME* to use that phone.

  • iliad1954

    Or it may be a good idea, because the Kindle brand is no longer tainted with the Fire failures.

  • They should call the new one the “ReKindle”.