Note Edge available for preorder in Germany for €999


One of the biggest questions about the Note Edge from people after it was announced along side the Note 4 revolved around how much it would cost. It was assumed that the premium device would cost a pretty penny. If German preorders are any indication the device is going to retail for a good chunk of change.

According to German web site All About Samsung, the Note Edge is available for preorder for €999 (roughly $1292 USD) on Nullprozentshop and Notebooksbilliger. A pretty penny indeed. That being said, it should be noted that this is in regards to the 64GB model. The web site is also reporting that those who preorder the device have received an email stating that this is a non-binding order and the price is subject to change as there’s no MSRP. So whether or not this price will stick, one thing’s apparent; the Note Edge will cost a bit more than even the Note 4 will.

source: All About Samsung

About the Author: Jack Holt

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