Samsung Galaxy Tab on AT&T, Rogers, Bell hacked for voice calls

Remember last week, when some clever hackers at xda-developers got voice calling functional on the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab? Well, they’re back with more. It would seem that, with the release of the Tab on AT&T comes the voice call hack for the very same tablet, and xda has the inside scoop on how to get it done for yourself.

Of course, just like last time, this isn’t a one-click trick. But, if you’re ready to don your geek hats and bust out with the nerd voice, hit the break for the official instructions. As always, you can hit the source link for the official thread over at xda, and TalkAndroid cannot be held liable to any damage to your device.

  1. Download the firmware P1000XWJJ4 from HERE(pass:
  2. Download the firmware P1000XXJK5 from HERE (pass:
  3. Download Odin 1.3 from HERE
  4. Download the file here (TalkAndroid is hosting this file for the time being) and extract it.
  5. -A) put you tab into download mode and flash P1000XWJJ4 with P1_add_hidden.pit and repartition selected. The phone will reboot and will be in Russian.
    -B) Put the phone into download mode again. flash P1000XXJK5 with NO repartition and NO PIT file. the phone will reboot with the latest euro firmware in english.
    -C) finish the setup wizard, if you do not get DATA at this point (3G or EDGE) at this point go into APN settings and change the APN from “Broadband” to “wap.cingular”
    -D) Put the Tab into download mode and flash the attached modem.bin file (the one you extracted) by selecting the bin file under “phone” in Odin. NO repartition and NO PIT file.
    -E) At this point your phone will reboot and you should have 850/1900Mhz enabled and everything you should work just like the euro version of the Tab.

[via xda]

  • Shane

    Can someone please make step by step video on how to get the voice calls on the galaxy tab please annd thank you!!!???!!!

  • Jpsr

    What programs did you uas to flash device, and where I cand download the usb driver for do that.

    It would be great if somebody post a video step by step of how to get the phone option.

  • obama sucks

    Need a youtube… how to video BAD along with a unlocking video…..everyone wants to charge you???!! thanks

  • Shane

    I got the voice calls but i cant text out can somebody help me out?

  • stab

    Can someone verify that everything works?
    1. Can you receive 3G/HSPA data?
    2. Can you still text message?
    3. GPS


  • shane

    3g yes

    gps yes

    texting u can recieve but u cant txt out dont know why still tryin to figure out.

  • j

    are you sure 3g works after unlocking? i saw other websites saying you can only get EDGE… i have tmobile galaxy but want to use at&t sim card for my iphone. please help!

  • Jklopez

    Dose this work 4 t mobile

  • Nihad


    I have an urgent question: I’ve downloaded all the files mentioned above, but when I connect the device to the laptop, the flash system (odin) doesn’t respond !! it looks like the device isn’t connected even it’s in the downloading mode.
    is it possible that the problem is related to the SIM card ? I put a prepaid one inside …

    would anyone advice me ?

  • Since i9000 modem.bin actually works with tab

    anyone tried tmobile vibrant modem.bin on tmobile tab to restore the tmobile 3g?

  • Mik Mik

    OK, there is so much conflicting information out there about whether you get all your Tablet functions back or if you only get some after the firmware changes. Will Someone please confirm before I waste all my time doing these steps of whether these procedures of installing Euro firmware will indeed allow full phone functions and whether it will have 3G and EDGE or just EDGE? Also will I be able to txt out or what is the story with that? Thank You kindly. BTW, my unit is an unlocked Bell Mobility Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

  • I tried the process myself with bell tab
    I got everything working.
    Phone/text/3G data. Everything

    The only issue is for tmobile tab

  • Mik Mik

    Please help!!
    What program do you use to flash the new firmwares? I put device into download mode but how do you get firmwares flashed onto device?

  • Mik Mik

    I tried to flash with winzip but the jj4 files are all locked. It is pointless to use them without the unlock code which apparently no one knows. I have downloaded 3 times the JJ4 firmware and all of them are locked. Can anyone help with this issue also? Right now where it stands I can not unlock the P1_add_hidden.pit or any other files inside the firmware downloads.

  • Mik Mik

    The P1000XWJJ4 installs fine on the Bell Mobility tab, however the P1000XXJK5 Euro firmware is not recognizable by Odin3 flasher. After doing some checking on the XDA Developers site, I found out I was not the only one with this issue. In the end, since the JK5 firmware was unrecognizable to Odin, I had to use the P1000XXJID Latin America Firmware instead and then change language settings to English. everything is working including dialer. My only concern is now I am showing EDGE and not 3G. I am not sure whether that has to do with my location, since at present I am in Philippines. More research is needed. But for those of you wanting the dialer though, I have it now on my Tab and I am happy to say I have not only completed calls but also accessed voicemail accounts.

  • Jon

    Will doing this install the Bell tv and video application that comes on Bell tab’s? I have an unlocked tab that I have running on the Bell network – they say I can’t use tab tv because I don’t have their tv and video app and it can’t be downloaded…

  • Frank

    Hi everyone, I have a Samsung Galaxy tab I987 ATT&T, I can send SMS and use the 3G internet, but I can’t make calls, I want to know if this really works, I don’t want to mess up my tab, wliang983 on Feb 2nd said got everything phone/text/3G internet, today is March 26th, so… do this really works?, also can someone add a youtube video with full steps with this?

  • Sultan

    @ Frank. I have got the same thing as you do. Yeah it does really work but you have to note that the 3G will not work, so basically you are going to have the tab with messaging and being able to make calls. If you don’t really care about the 3G, then you can just go ahead and use the Wi-Fi instead.

  • Mik Mik

    @Frank. This does work. The only thing in my case was there was a problem flashing the P1000XXJK5 as everytime I tried it was corrupted. I tried getting it from different sites with same result. In the end I flashed the P1000XXJID Latin America one in place of the P1000XXJK5. It works fine. I can call txt with no problems. All I did was change language settings to english and it was done. You do lose ability to use 3G, but I have not found that to be a problem. As to the instructions above, if you are a newbie like me, it is better to have someone help you step by step as it is not as easy to do as is stated above. There are plenty of steps needed to be done to do this correctly. Fortunately I had a friend who helped with mine. Best of luck to you.

  • Mik Mik

    @Jon. Bell Tv app will not work by following this process. You must be on Bell network using Bell SIM to be able to utilize that feature. My Tab is also a Bell Tab now unlocked. I use a Telus (Canada) and a Sun (Asia) SIM card and neither will recognize Bell TV app.

  • Bencourt

    I bought a Bell canada Galaxy Tab
    I unlocked it
    I have followed the steps indicated in this page to add phone call. I use my sim card (telus canada in my iphone)
    Phone call: Yes
    3g : no. Is it possible to make it works? How?

  • Mik Mik

    @Bencourt, sorry buddy no you can not get 3G back or Edge following this process. I have asked around and everyone says the same thing. No. Btw, my tab is also a Bell one running on Telus SIM.

  • Jon

    Thanks Mik Mik – mine is an unlocked European model that I have working on the Bell networks with their sim card. I still can’t get BellTv becasue they say the device needs to be setup with the app and only true Bell devices have this. Was just wondering if there is a way to add the app to my device but I guess not…

    • Anonymous

      Go in the market, you should be able to find it

  • dieno1001

    is there anywhere i can find the stock bell firmware to revert it so i can send it back?

  • Amazed

    Don’t bother with this and just install Overcome.

    Worked right away to make calls and all Data worked awesome on the JPZ modem.

  • freshy

    everything worked at first and eventually, stoped going on internet and it would not sync data with anything…oh and i couldnt upload my backups to it aswell!!!! any sugestions????

  • Oadebowale

    can use this for t-mobile galaxy tab as well in usa