Droid 2 Global ad hitting inboxes, but still not officially announced

Either Motorola is playing favorites with existing Droid users or they are trying to get a buzz started the old-fashioned way.  As it stands now, the Droid 2 Global hasn’t officially been announced as being available, but users on their current Droid email list are getting notified that its now for sale straight to their inboxes.

Maybe they have limited quantities, or they got an even bigger trick up their sleep for the holiday season that they don’t want to steal the thunder from.  In either case, if you were waiting for more news about the Droid 2 Global’s arrival, here it is.

[via droid life]

  • David Frye

    I got my Droid 2 Global last week, took it into Verizon for unlock so I can use it in Europe with other SIM. I am in Europe now and everything works GREAT. Best phone I have ever had in my hands!