OnePlus is ditching their invite system for a more traditional pre-order


The OnePlus One has had the opposite of a smooth launch so far. Between a clunky invite system, an exploding phone and an incredibly sexist contest, consumers waiting to get their hands on the self-proclaimed “flagship killer” have been getting restless. Luckily the folks at OnePlus have heard your cries for help and have announced via a Reddit AMA that they will be launching a more traditional preorder system sometime in October.

They didn’t reveal anything else about how the pre-order system will work but its safe to assume it will be a lot easier than their convoluted invite system. On a less positive note, OnePlus also noted that their Bamboo StyleSwap Cover will be delayed indefinitely after a flaw was found in the cover’s design. Let us know in the comments if you’ll be pre-ordering a OnePlus One now that you don’t have to jump through so many hoops.

Via: Android Authority
Source: Reddit and OnePlus Forum

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  • komrath

    Too late, I already heard so much bad PR about them that I don’t want to buy it anymore…

  • Telefoni Portal

    Their invite system was a joke from the very beginning.

  • myepicyear

    It’s sad. They seem to have a great product. But, I just wouldn’t buy one of these handsets until they (OnePlus) figure out their little operation.

  • Mike Pengelly

    I got an invite a week after deciding to go for a M8 after waiting 4 months for an invite! It expired after 24 hours …. And I couldn’t find anyone willing or with active funds ready. Smart phones are not split second decisions … 24 hours was retarded 1 week more reasonable… 1 month you’ll get more real techy orders.

    I love the M8 and am glad I didn’t get one plus one. An extra Gig if ram is nice but not necessary with the current efficiency of Android