OnePlus ‘OneWatch’ leaks in unpublished product page on OnePlus’ website


OnePlus’ ‘One’ phone hit a few (okay, more than a few) bumps in the road since its initial launch. Production was an issue initially, then there were some OS/software issues, and now the company is looking to possibly drop its native CyanogenMod altogether.

But that doesn’t mean the company will stop forging ahead.

A new leak shows the “OneWatch” on an unpublished page of OnePlus’ website. Of course, you should take this with a grain of salt, as a previous leak from OnePlus regarding an upcoming tablet turned out to be false.

The watch (as seen above) features a circular display, a much requested smartwatch feature. We’re also hearing OnePlus will use sapphire glass crystal for its screen, which Apple is rumored to be using on its iWatch. Other rumors include a curved battery which will allow it to be placed right in the watchstrap, a low-power OLED display and Qi wireless charging support.

However, while sketches of the device (seen below) talk about a configurable hardware button, there doesn’t seem to be one in the leaked product page. This marks an inconsistency that should be noted — yet another reason not to assume this rumor is true.

We have no idea what OS the watch will run, but Android Wear is clearly the consumers’ first choice. Stay tuned for more on this.


Source: BGR


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  • woooooooot

    Wonder if it will have the yellow screen that plagues their phones.

    • jack

      Currently typing on a OnePlus, I’m pretty sure that has only affected a very limited amount of people.

  • pawelkomarnicki

    Gosh, they should first focus on the rollout of their primary product, aka their phone, that is mostly unavailable without some bullshitty invitation (!) — at the moment the whole buying procedure is one giant piece of bullcrap and even though it looks nice and promising, not gonna get through it

  • Based on their current schedule with their phone, I’m hoping by 2020 they’ll roll out promotions for invites,