OnePlus could be dropping CyanogenMod for Home-grown ROM


The OnePlus One has been a huge hit amongst Android fans since it was launched in May. With powerful specs, a manageable price, and the CyanogenMod ROM, it caters to every request the average Android user has. However, recently OnePlus has come up with some changes to this smash-hit formula: it will be replacing Cyanogen with it’s own ROM.

While the details are fuzzy, it seems that OnePlus is planning to cut ties with CyanogenMod in the future in favor of their own Chinese-oriented software. While most of OnePlus’ subscribers in America and Europe have an appreciation of CM, their Chinese-based fans will no doubt enjoy a ROM targeted more towards their tastes.

When considering why OnePlus is making the switch, it’s important to take into consideration their goals. Growth is vital to a company of their size and age, and the fact that they might be stuck paying to license the CM OS. Another factor is that with OnePlus using CyanogenMod as a third party, they may not be able to progress like other Android device manufacturers have, like Samsung and HTC.

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About the Author: Alex Cobb

Alex is a student at Appalachian State University majoring in Computer Science. When he's not coding or tinkering with his tech devices, he enjoys exercise and playing music. He is currently trying to start many different businesses in hopes of making it big as an entrepreneur, from fixing and selling phones to crafting herbal teas. Alex's first smartphone was a Droid Bionic, and he's been rapidly jumping from device to device through the years. He also has a Nexus 7 (2012) as his small tablet of choice. Alex considers himself an avid Android Evangelist, converting Apple users to the superior operating system whenever he gets the chance.

  • JayD

    What? The only reason why people were interested in this phone was because it was going to rum CM!!!
    They are DOOMED!!! LOLOL

    • Venkat Pisipati

      Agree! CM is a BIG reason for the interest in this phone. Dumping CM is not going to help, especially outside of China!!

  • Martin


    They should be more worried about their grossly inadequate manufacturing capability than their software.

  • DiamondDriller

    History repeats itself. Oppo N1 anyone?

  • rsz750

    I think they are losing fans if they are using own software, a lot of people are CM fan. I hope CM will continue making roms in the background.

  • jack

    Right now OnePlus is only know by hard-core Android fans, and those fans all love CM. If they are trying to appeal to a broader range of people, they are going to have to step they’re game up with production

  • Sent

    Stock android fo life, yo!

    (Personally, I love the SlimKat ROM.)

    • Alex Cobb

      Finally some love for SlimKat! I find it usually gets passed over for AOKP, CM, and the like, but SlimKat is a solid ROM.

  • rebirthofcool

    the main thing that draws me towards the oneplus is its native CyanogenMod

  • rickneworleansla

    As the owner of two 1+ ones I think this is a very bad move. Are they trying to get away from international sales and sell only to china..? I would never have bought them if it weren’t for cyanogen. If they dont stick with cyan or at least pure aosp I will forget the name oneplus real quick.

  • woooooooot

    With their ongoing Yellow banding on the screen issue that they will not recognize as a defect, CM is one small issue for them. Think about it, if you know anything about Android, you already know about CM also and can easily install it on the phone. The reason people migrate towards the phone is the killer price. Anyone saying they are buying this phone for the operating system is simply trying to fool themselves.

  • CMLover

    This is a terrible idea. Period, I bought this phone over the nexus because of CM. I waited two months because that. Owning the phone now, I’m in love with CM. If they drop CM, I’ll more than likely drop them.

    • Edward Smith

      Dude, this does not effect you at all. The OPO will have CM support for CM11S for two years, and nighties after that for regular CM nighties. This isn’t a bad idea since all the other manufacturers have their own. Also if they can make an awesome phone they can make an awesome rom, and I am sure they will keep the custom rom communities supported like they are already doing.

      • Paul

        Explain what is the meaning of “making a phone”?

        OP did not make “a phone”. They are the smaller brand of Oppo, they got the contacts and they got the OF7 cheaper re branding the name and cutting on some of the profit margins.

        They will not develop any type of ROM. They suck doing it. Most likely they will ship it with COS because all the china dudes are crazy about picky colors and buggy software full of Chinese crap.

        OP was a fiasco due to the invites, having these news gets it to a new level on the fiasco scale.

  • Bret

    I think using CM is the right thing to do. That team has been working on Android for some time and they have revolutionized the use of custom ROMS. Trust in CM is what led to OnePlus being successful. I thinking dropping them is a bad idea.

  • FinHead

    Wow, my 1+ just came today and CM was a huge reason for me getting the device!

  • Edward Smith

    Don’t have an issue with this at all. I’m sure if they can build an awesome phone they can build an awesome rom. CM will most likely still support this phone and its next iterations so there will always be that option.

  • errol

    This device became popular due to Cyanogen…

  • g

    The chinese version does not come with CM, has Color OS instead. Please stop posting bad not credible rumors all the time it’s useless.

  • jclgan

    OnePlus is making some interesting decisions. While some Asian manufacturers are trying to break into the western market (e.g. Huawei & Xiaomi), OnePlus seems instead to be increasing focus on the east and distancing themselves from the west.