TalkAndroid Contest: Tether Twitter Giveaway

Who doesn’t love a good, easy way to tether? We do, and we’re pretty sure you do, too. Well, lucky for all of us, the good folks over at Tether have released the Android version of their popular tethering app for Blackberry, and it works great. I personally find myself using it constantly on my HTC Evo 4G, and you couldn’t get me to do it any other way.

We love it so much, in fact, that we’ve teamed up with the Tether team to bring you a contest where you can win a copy of Tether absolutely free! The app is always free on the Market, but requires a license code for the full version. So, over the next week, we will be running a contest where 15 lucky readers will get a copy of this great app. Hit the break for the rules, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

All you need to do is send out a tweet that states where you would use Tether the most, and help everyone else know about it. The format of the tweet should be as follows:

Thx 2 @TalkAndroid & @tethercom, you’ll never be w/out internet _____ again! #tatether

For example, mine would say:

Thx 2 @TalkAndroid & @tethercom, you’ll never be w/out internet in your parking lot again! #tatether

Be sure to check back here, as we will be updating this announcement with the Twitter names of 2 winners each day for the next week (11/17 – 11/23), with 3 winners on the last day. So what are you  waiting for? Get tweeting, and good luck!

Update 11/30/10 : We have contacted tether multiple times for the licenses and are waiting to receive them. Thanks for being so patient!

Winners (updated 11:30 PM CST 11/23/10):

  1. @flamadiddle
  2. @mattb5
  3. @miavia187
  4. @bpheney
  5. @HighDef
  6. @kencaruthers
  7. @jeneller
  8. @kizmetz
  9. @sunairport
  10. @TheBeardedCrow
  11. @tommydomingue
  12. @dvation191
  13. @RockerDude69
  14. @Grux33
  15. @ArosKisne
  • Jenelle

    Am I missing the winners? Don’t see ’em.

  • Jenelle

    Oops, sorry, just noticed today’s still 11/17. ;)

  • I am looking at this list of winners and it lists “@miavia” as one.. might that be me? I don’t believe there is another miavia on Twitter that posted involving this contest but I could be mistaken, however my Twitter account is @miavia187 . How do I find out if it is me?

  • Jenelle

    Woohoo!! What do I do if I’m a winner?


  • They tweeted that they’ll get ahold of us winners on the 24th. Isn’t it great??

  • Jenelle

    Oh, missed that! Thanks MiaVia and congrats to you. :)

    I <3 TalkAndroid

  • Aros

    Woo! can’t wait to my code and get to using it x3

  • dvation

    @dviation191 was announced as a winner but that name doesn’t exist. You probably meant me, @dvation191. I haven’t receive any winners notification, though :(

  • HighDef

    No notification here, either.

  • I got a confirmation that I won but haven’t received a code yet. I don’t mean to be a pest or anything, just curious if anyone knew anything (: Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!

  • Jenelle

    Thanks MiaVia, I did have a great holiday weekend… up until I got some stomach virus! Ah well, I wanted to use up my sick days anyways…

    Hey guys, I haven’t received my code yet either. TalkAndroid, any update?

  • Rohit singh

    Give it to me i want to understand android plz start contest and i want to win i can do any thing to win this contest i love android phones

  • Rohit singh

    See i can do any thing to win this phone even ill can throw my laptop or crush my bick i love android so plz give it to me i am an indian and what iadian says that they can do i want free android so i want