NVIDIA announces the Shield Tablet and Shield Wireless Controller, pre-orders start now


As expected, NVIDIA took the wraps off of the Shield Tablet and Shield Wireless Controller. Let’s start with the tablet. It sports an 8-inch Full HD (1920 x 1200) IPS display, a Tegra K1 processor (with 192 GPU cores), 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB or 32 GB of internal storage, microSD slot for up to an additional 128 GB of storage, 5 MP rear camera, 2 MP front-facing camera, front-facing stereo speakers, HDMI 1.4a out, Bluetooth 4.0, and LTE / HSPA+ (compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile). What’s also interesting is that the tablet supports 4K out to your TV, but in order to keep the pricing competitive, they opted for a 1080p display on the actual tablet.

So what makes the Shield Tablet so special? For starters, it’s pretty much the most powerful tablet on earth. It not only plays Android games, but you can also stream games from a NVIDIA GeForce GTX powered PC desktop or notebook using NVIDIA GameStream. It can also stream games from the cloud using NVIDIA Grid. You will also find support for real-time streaming to Twitch and a Gaming Console Mode that makes it a full living-room gaming experience. Lastly, it includes a stylus, dubbed DirectStylus 2, which is twice as responsive as its predecessor.

The tablet is going for $299 and you can pre-order now. The controller is wireless and costs $59. No word on if you can utilize the controller with other tablets like the MOGA series. They are also offering a tablet cover that doubles as a stand for $39.

NVIDIA has put together a bunch of videos showcasing the tablet’s features….

The original Shield wasn’t a hit. The Shield Tablet should appeal to hardcore gamers, but what about the mainstream?





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  • brutalpanther

    I was all excited until I found that 16 gb model is $300 without controller.And 16gb really means 11 or less.Yeah it’s got a sd card slot but Google and kit Kat have rendered it almost useless.And to get one with enough storage to put more than 3 games on, The 32 gb version is $400 and forcing lte on us.Available on T-Mobile and AT&T only.Why they didn’t offer both versions with 32 gb.I have the Nvidia portable and it’s a great unit.And a lot more affordable.I just don’t see these things flying of the shelves.Which brings me to another sour point.Available online only, So no try before you buy.I think I’ll pass on this one.I bought the Tegra note 7 (online) And it kinda sucks.screen doesn’t look very good and speakers suck.Looked good on paper, but no stores carried it.So it was a buy before you try deal also.Its not just Nvidia,why does any company continue to release a 16 gb anything.