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Amazon has had an MP3 store for as long as I can remember and while I never took advantage of the free music credit I’ve received over the years I’m sure some folks have. Well Amazon is looking to take music to the next level with Amazon Prime Music. The company will be rebranding Amazon MP3 and Cloud Player by lumping into one service. Amazon Music as it’s called will still allow you to buy the tracks available to you now, but with the added caveat that if you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime you have the benefit of basically a million free songs in your music arsenal. Those Prime users who use Instant Video will be familiar with the set up of Amazon Music.

Much like Google Music, when you add a “prime” song it joins the library you already have established. However you won’t have access to current hits and some of Prime’s music is eclectic and while Amazon is missing some major bands and artists, it’s in talks currently with record labels in hopes of adding more. Even so, chances are you’ll be able to find songs worth listening to in the one million songs you have access to now.

On top of that, Amazon has an “X-ray” feature to go along with some of the curated playlists Amazon has. The feature will showcase song lyrics that keep up with the music.

While there are other, bigger players in an already saturated market, Amazon’s Prime Music is just one added benefit to the yearly subscription service and that very well could be the company’s angle with new music. Rather than take on Google Music and Spotify with a stand alone music service, the goal could be to add more Prime customers. It also could be a selling point of the upcoming Amazon phone whenever it gets announced. Rumors have that pegged for June 18.

Look for Amazon Music to replace current iOS and Android Amazon apps and it can be found in the music section for Kindle Fire owners. For you readers out there is this something you’ll use or something that will push you to try Amazon Prime? Let us know.

source: The Verge

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