Images and specs of supposed Nexus 8 leak


It’s hard to tell if these images are legit since the tablet is in a protective shell, but they are supposedly of the upcoming Nexus 8. However, what’s more important about this leak is not of the images, but of the specs of the said device.

The leaker is reporting that the Nexus 8 will sport a Qualcomm 64-bit processor, which contradicts an earlier report indicating it would have a 64-bit Intel Moorefield, and another report indicating a NVIDIA. If the Nexus 8 is going to offer a Qualcomm 64-bit, then it would mean the 808 or the 810, which would also mean that this device won’t be launched at Google I/O. We haven’t even seen 805 devices yet, and the 808 and 810 won’t debut until next year. Now there are other Qualcomm 64-bit processors in the works (410, 610 and 615), but again, they are probably not ready for release later this month.


The next bit of information would also confirm that it’s unlikely that we will see this tab at Google I/O. Supposedly it sports Android 4.5, which is likely to be a major release. Google just released Android 4.4.3, so it’s very unlikely they would debut 4.5 in a few weeks. Lastly, it will sport 3GB of RAM, which isn’t anything unusual.

I guess we will have to wait and see how this one pans out.

source: mydrivers
via: G4Games

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