LG’s G Watch could feature cellular connectivity


Compared to what we’ve seen from the upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch, most other wearable devices have looked pretty underwhelming, namely the LG G Watch, which is going to be made out of plastic, and as previous rumors suggest, won’t have top-line specs.

But new information suggests we could be in for quite a surprise with the G Watch. Hit the break for more.

It appears that the G Watch, via an USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module), the device will feature cellular (3G) connectivity.

If you remember, just a few months ago it was reported that Samsung could be working on a Gear 2 variant with cellular connectivity as well, which could be released at the same time as this 3G-enabled G Watch. (The Samsung device will feature Tizen while the G Watch has Android Wear.)

Via: G For Games
Source: iNews

  • pawelkomarnicki

    Would I need my watch to use 3G connectivity? I cannot do much with such small screen anyway, I am not going to receive calls on the watch, maybe messages (that would be the only usecase I can imagine)

    • Marco

      Yeah, it definitely is limited because of the small screen but I’m sure there’s a market for it.